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(Warframe Concept) Euboea, the Satellite Flayer + Signature Weapons


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-From the name of a mountain of the moon where she was first discovered, Euboea is born to create more destruction with the help of the cores of the moons of her planet.

Armor: 140

Health: 100 (250 max)

Shield: 100 (250 max)

Energy: 120 (270 max)

Sprint Speed: 1.10


Getting her is the same as Wisp's, however, the blueprints have a rarer chance of drop than the ones with Wisp's.


Signature Weapons:

Patera & Plateau - 2 similar weapons but different looks, but when they have harmony, they became a piece of destructive melody. Their shape is similar to the top view of Io's mountains' top view, which they are called Patera and Plateau. It is actually a dual pistol type weapon. Patera is a pistol-looking mini-launcher that launches energy orb. Its default stats are 1.5x better than Lex Prime, but takes 1 second to launch another orb. It has 7 orbs in its magazine. In the other hand, Plateau is an automatic energy pistol that works like Ignis gun. It has 1.2x better stats than Ignis Wraith, and it uses 10 energy fuel per second. It has 70 fuel in the magazine. The catch is that the reload of two weapons take your energy (or shield) by 10% (+10% per additional 7 / 70 slots in each magazine). Patera has 2x range than Plateau, but Plateau has 2x more fire rate than Patera.

Tohil Mons - a signature melee for Euboea, a pair of gauntlets that works like the one used by Yang in RWBY. Its lightweight benefits the weapon for attack speed, which can reach to 1.20 for succeeding combos, although the default attack speed of it is 0.90. When multiplier charges to 2x, it will start to use energy orbs with Blast element, and the range will be increased to 3 meters minimum. More multipliers, more stat increase. It is in default that it will not use Blast element when you do not reach 2x multiplier. When multiplier drops, so does the stats. Its damage is quite weak, but with combos, it will start to become powerful. It also benefits the user to become immune in Blast-effect from self and allies, but resists by 45% on environmental or enemy Blast damage. Like the dual pistols above, every energy damage reduces the energy (or shield) by 5. The powerful one it gets, the more energy will cost.



Passive - she will not equip any primary weapon, instead, it will be replaced with 4 orbs rotating around her. These orbs work like the ones Kuja (from FFIX) used. She throws orbs and works like instant grenade (Blast damage). She can also make all weapon stats +10% when equipped, with additional Blast damage based on weapon's minimal damage. The problem for the secondary weapons is that they will not get benefit from weapon noise reducing mods, since her energy is so strong that it can emit strong noise.

First Ability

Core of Io - Her orbs will transform into a big star-like orb, traveling in a straight line. Despite the travel speed is 3 meters per 2 seconds (if this is maxed), when the enemies got hit by it, they will get knocked back and have large Blast damage, minimum of 300 (850 if maxed) damage.Cost 45 energy (50 energy if maxed), and travels for 5 (8 if maxed) seconds. Take note that her orbs will be unusable at this state.

Augment: Core of Ganymede - when it hits to an enemy, the orb will become faster but smaller, but it will release two orbs from its opposite sides that will also work like the original, but a weaker one (70% deduced stats from the original). If the main orb is in the smallest possible state and hits an enemy, it will explode instead of travel more.This will cost 10% (30% if maxed) more energy than the original.

Second Ability

Voyager of Destruction - Activating this ability will make her not on combat mode, but will take her to glide mode (which ignores the secondary weapon and melee weapon), which her sprint speed will be increased by 30% (50% if maxed). At this point, her jump strength is also increased and defies gravity, like Zephyr's passive. In this state, it will attract more enemies and attack her more, and it can create more noise than the usual alarming weapons. Deactivating this will create a radial Blast damage, having 5 (15 if maxed) meters radius, and having 500-800 (700-1200 if maxed) damage. It slowly drains energy by 2% but deactivation will cost 30 (75 if maxed) energy. If the energy reached 0 without being deactivated, there will be no deactivation.

Third Ability

Jovian Mysticism - She lets one orb scout the area, marking each enemy with flare rings. They will be revealed in the map when they are marked, and gets more damage. It costs no energy for activating it. Activating the First Ability and deactivating this ability will make all marked enemies transported to the area with the Core of Io (or Core of Ganymede), which will instantly explode. This effect will cost 50 (90 if maxed) energy for deactivation with the presence of the core, thus blinding everyone near the core, including allies and you when you are near to the explosion. Blindness will be in effect for 4 (6 if maxed) seconds and creates 20% (50% if maxed) more damage of the First Ability.

Augment: Jovian Eyedrops - the blind effect for allies and self will be reduced by 20% (100% if maxed).

Fourth Ability

Grand Tack - She will be in aggressive rage, lowering her armor by 30%, but increases the strength of the orbs by 50% and sprint speed and attack speed by 20%.  Costs 75 energy by activation, 5 (15 if maxed) energy per second, The three abilities will have different use in this state, but costs the same.:

-Core of the Four - fires the core quickly, with the travel time and distance being shorter by 75%, but has 50% more damage than the original. If its augmented, the grand state will be applied also.

-Grand Voyager - While the effect of the original one being applied here, she can know brawl, smash and smite every enemy nearby. 

-Jovian Discord - Although the activation has the same effect in the original, the deactivation effect is different from the original. Deactivation does not need the Core of Io, instead, when deactivated, all marked enemies will appear super near to her and give them elevated Blast damage with a strong knockdown, using her orbs. The blind effect will not take effect here.

-Final Red - deactivating the fourth ability blasts off all enemies within 100 (120 if maxed) meter radius, costs 75 (100 if maxed) energy. In addition, she will be surrounded by red fog with the same radius as the Blast damage radius during the deactivation, in which the fog slows down enemies, and might attack fellow enemies. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Augment: Charmed Discovery - the fog will instead have 50% (100% if maxed) chance for charm / confuse effect.



Head - she has a mountainous texture on the top of her head, but it has the accents with effects like Mag's.

Top - she also have mountainous texture, although she has 4 holes, where all her orbs are placed when she's not in the missions.

Bottom - she has a pointy detailed skirt, like Trinity's, but likewise, her legs are also textured.


Comment if you like or problems. Thanks for reading. :) 

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