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Ammo Boxes As Mission Reward


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So.. I just received a huge amount of ammo boxes. At first, I was like: "cool! Still a way to get more!"




But then, I realized that the game had derped. You see, I had about 70 pistol ammo boxes, 70 shotgun ammo boxes, 40 rifle ammo boxes and 40 sniper ammo boxes, but now:




So now I'm running extremely low on rifle ammo and sniper ammo. And no, restarting the game did not reset these, so it is very much a permanent problem for now :-(


Similar thing happened in this post: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/110088-large-quantities-of-old-style-rifle-ammo-boxes-as-mission-rewards/


Thing is, I don't know whether they got extra items from that or if they we're transferred from some other consumable type.


I'm probably going to send a support ticket and see if I get those boxes back to where they belong. In the meantime, contribute towards this topic with discussion.

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