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Bigger FOV (DE plz)


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if it is correct to use "bigger" in this context.

Point is - with recent wukong's rework (which i love) i found myself having some problems with controling my character.

With this rework wukong's ultimate became very fast and animations are kinda "locked", so sometimes im traveling somewhere during fight and it is not very clear where exactly (especially when using slide attack), because FOV is small and camera locked behind a shoulder.

It's also hard to see something when you are using video effects on high values.

since game is not just about guns, but about melee aswell, why can't we have wider fov (like 90-100) with classic middle back camera? (maybe as an option for those who prefer this version).

Just imagine



This whole FOV thing was in my head for a longest time, but with wukong it became a problem. So i don't know if this Fov situation was adressed earlier, but these are my thougths. 

And hope we will get this magnificent excalibur deluxe skin very soon (i already love it).




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I don't think FoV is the issue, so much as how close the camera sits to our Warframes and how low it's set. I'd like to have at least a basic "camera distance" setting to pull back a little bit and get a decent view of my surroundings. Even something as primitive as GTA 5 has at least a few camera distance options. You can keep the very close camera distance for ADS if you want to, I just want a slightly longer distance during terrain traversal.

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