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A Few Glitches After U10


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Embolist - when not hosting, the energy color is set as green instead.

Nekros - enemies revived by the 4th ability will be shown on the map for anyone with enemy radar

Synapse - if used with Volt's electric shield, the synapse will deal red critical damage instead of yellow

Dual ichors - charge attack slashing animation is delayed so character is left in the charging animation

Nova - not sure if this is host related but this relates to her 4th ability. When using molecular prime, sometimes, not all the enemies will explode despite being within beside each other, leaving NO damage affected to certain enemies

Trinity - the link threads do not disappear after the linked enemies die, leaving multiple link threads on Trinity

Survival Nightmare missions - nightmare rewards nor survival rewards are given at the end of these particular missions

Defense missions on Station map (Xini for example) - enemies getting stuck on the top floor, around the new accessible area since update 10 through normal means of walking.

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