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transfer account from ps4 to pc


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i have recently started playing on the ps4 and i found out that almost every one are playing on the pc.

i have already spend 30 hours on this game and i dont want to start it all over again and after i came to that realization i also dont really want to continue play this on a platform where the community doesnt really exist.

unfortunately i came to that realization kinda late and this game is really good

is there anything i can do, because of what i have searched so far there only been migrations from the pc and they were time limited.



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Let's see how it goes on where Sony and the Playstation ends up..There's been rumblings of the Netflix model being adopted while teaming up with Microsoft to stave off Google and Amazon and every other giant soft monopoly staring at the medium...I imagine with enough pressure and after PS5 runs it's course the subject will come up in earnest between Sony and De on how to treat their customers if and when the consoles are ever phased out...

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this question has been asked many times an answer has been the same there is no way to take your console account to PC
there has been limited time after warframe been launched on another console system that you could copy your account over to the new console

they are currently seeing if they can do cross progression save that would make this possible

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38 minutes ago, Firetempest said:

In the grand scheme of things, 30 hours in is the tutorial. Now that you've got the hang of it, to recuperate what you lost in that time will likely take half as long.

still to waste 30 hours of progression doesnt fill good

11 minutes ago, (PS4)thowed said:

Our PS4s must be different.  Never have a problem matchmaking, recruiting or trading at all.  Kinda good for a "non existent" community.  Now if you mean more players on PC sure.  No need to be over dramatic.

well we do have different experience, what server do you play in?

and the only community i have found from my country are on the PC 

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If you have not invested any money but your time, then you have not really lost anything. You will still have that feel good influence, and as you progress past 30 hours, it will get even better. Just bite the bullet, start a new account on PC and be done with it. By the time it is all said and done, you will have forgotten the 30 hours you spent on your PS4.

Do it now, you can thank us later.


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