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Trading, once again


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even though the dojos are hosted by DE nowadays, it might be still that the "group" chat (and likely the 'being present' list too) is hosted by the first player who enters the dojo - mind you, only the local one, the rest obviously not. if this is the case, and if you might have some... more exotic... settings to your privat network (or, ofc, if the other dude does so) this might what happen. main culprit in my opinion would be NAT setting, but it could also be due to a vpn-tunnel or proxy in use. even the uplink to the internet (yours or the other dude ones) could be a reason - mainly those damned wireless ones causes no end of trouble in realtime application (which is a nice word, but still fitting for a online game like warframe).

ofc, it also can be the fault of DEs server which is hosting the dojo and watches over the trading process in general - but i would count this out if you didn't find a lot of complains about this in the forum (and close to the time you have/had this problem)... so at least consider checking up your own network settings, just to be on the save side ^^)

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