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Some buff ideas to mods/and a new energy system.


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Let's go directly into these changes, most of you already know that (some of them)  they do need buffs:  

  • 1- Rejuvenation: It now regenerates 1% of your health p/s (with a max of 4% with 4 players). Now the mod will work for every frame, regardless of the size of his health pool.
  • 2- Physique: It will still increase health by 90%, but it'll be multiplicative instead of additive.
  • 3- Steel Charge: Basically the same changes as Physique, just make this mod a multiplicative bonus so there will be an actual reason to use it except for more slots.
  • 4- Energy Syphon: Increases efficiency by 50% (additive. you'll understand soon).

I'll first start explaining that i hate this kind of system (the current one), my philosophy for balancing Mana/Energy and those sort of things is "i want you to use it, but not to spam it". So the new energy system is meant for that, check it: 

  • First, every warframe will regenerate 5 energy p/s, efficiency is the only way to affect it. 
  • Efficiency will no longer decrease energy costs for skills. Instead, it will increase energy regeneration, so with 150% efficiency you'll regen 7,5 energy p/s for example.
  • Complete overhaul of energy consumables. They will now increase efficiency temporately (25/50/100% additive) by 20s.

Reason for the change: some Warframes need to have energy to use at all times, and the current system makes some energy based tanks (like Chroma, who needs to have Vex Armor functioning at fulltime at high levels), or any WF that drains a lot of energy to become straight up useless whitout it. This system also brings another benefit: it's basically a nerf (although an indirect one) to Zenurik school meta.


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