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Character/Frame/Weapon Bug(s)


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Randomly, in any missions, if I die or pull out a weapon my heavy weapon is shown, but not usable. So I can still use my primary and secondary weapons, but has the visual of my equipped heavy weapon. Thrall, Revenant's 1st ability, still have that bug when Thralls duration runs out they can't be killed by myself or other players or even enemies. When I was switching to my primary to secondary, my Warframe abilities cannot be activated, I cannot switch to operator, and none of my weapons can be cycled through or shoot any rounds. The only thing I'm able to do while in this state is run, however, while in this state, my character is moving sideways. I tired jumping off the map/killing myself, but it seems to bugged state gave it more problems with lag spikes that teleport me randomly 5-10 seconds before I jumped off. This happened a couple of times making it almost unplayable couple days ago. I logged in yesterday to quickly do some missions before it happened again, but I logged out quickly to avoid issues. 

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