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Jordas Golem boss fight broken


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I don’t normally post on Internet forums, but I created an account just to bring this up.

I’ve been trying to complete the Jordas Precept quest and I’m now at the final boss fight. Unfortunately there are various bugs and glitches that seem to make this mission completely unplayable. I’ve tried three attempts now. The first attempt I fell through the floor and got stuck in the scenery, which forced me to abort the mission. The second attempt I got to the Golem, but he wasn’t attacking or moving and it was slowly drifting away from the tile set until it became invisible. Again I was forced to abort. The third attempt the Juggernaut Behemoth started flickering and glitching before the Golem showed up, who attacked me briefly before stopping and drifting out of the tile set again.

I’ve been looking at other forum posts to see if anyone else has been experiencing these problems. A couple have been as well as many others. Squad mates getting stuck, primary weapons not working, mission not registering as complete, etc. Most shocking of all is that some of these complaints are literally YEARS old.

This is clearly a very buggy quest and I’m astounded that DE haven’t done anything to fix it. It’s unacceptable considering what a high quality MMO Warframe is. I’m both frustrated and disappointed by this. This needs to be addressed immediately.

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