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Who gets enlarged next? (Duvari/Railjack/Wyrmius thread)

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Greetings and hello one and all

After finally seeing the end boss of Wyrmius, I finally clicked on what that giant whale in the void was from Duvari/Railjack showings.

Might be old news to some but that is Wyrm grown up. As in, the large size such as the boss in Wyrmius of Helios.

Which other Sentinels do you want to see in large size? I am curious on what a giant Diruga would look like






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That leviathan didn't look anything like the Wyrm to me.


It looked more like the "ravenous golden maw" from The War Within - that Ayatan sculpture looking beast digging around the ground that eats you.
In fact, the soldier the character encounters riding on some strange mount... it all looked Ayatan to me. Maybe we'll finally learn what that word means.


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