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Vaccume Abuse And Void Hidden Rooms


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When i played void missions i love to explore maps and find hidden rooms. The fact is, some of the smaller ones are always present, but since You could not get into all of them, some treasures were safely hidden behind walls/closed doors.
I started to lvl up my "flying jug" sentinel (sorry never remember its name) and after maxing out "Vaccume" i foud out it can "suck in" items from large distance AND  through walls.
So my point is, in Void, when you know where to look, You can grab some large AoE melee weapon, or just use some sort of rhino stomp to break containers  through walls, and sentinel will grab You some nice extra mods.

I dont know if its to be claimed as bug/abuse, but just maybe some Dev will think it  through. I mean some newb will never get to abuse it intentionaly, beacous you need to know where to look, but some experienced players may 'profit' quite a bit.

Cheers, and sorry if i messed up with english a bit, my wrighting is dreadfull

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