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Rebinding roll key for archwing


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My current keybindings have crouch mapped to a mouse button for bullet jumping and control mapped for rolling.  This works fine except for archwing.  In archwing mode nothing is mapped to the mouse button while control still does the midair evade.  The roll key in warframe mode is, personally, used a lot less often than in archwing mode.  But i find pressing control as well as a direction button at the same time with my left hand to feel really awkward.  I would like to have the ability to remap just the archwing roll to a separate key.  I realize i could probably use a keyboard macro to get around this, but I would like to have the ability to do this in the game itself.  I know other games usually let you fully customize a "vehicle" key mapping.  Was wondering if this could work in warframe as well.

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