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Turning Solo extracting host, host migration failed into a successful extraction for all?


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I guess my question is upon "host migration failed" how far down the rabbit hole are we from recovering the remaining players to a successful extraction? 

My first inclination is to say just set it so if the host leaves that everyone force extracts automatically. Because as a player I would much rather have some loot than no loot if/when the host migration fails. However if it is at all possible to roll a failed migration triggered by a host solo extracting into a successful extraction, that would seem even more optimal because it gives the game a chance to recover but a significantly preferable failures state if it doesn't. 

So in an event that

  1. Solo extraction is available
  2. The mission is complete
  3. The host successfully solo extracts

Players should optimally be given the chance to reconnect BUT if that just isn't possible the preferable solution IMO is with a failure state that preserves some of the reward over a failure state that Wonkas you. 

If it is not possible to roll a failed migration into a successful extraction under those (host successfully extracts) condition(s) is it possible for the players to at least opt-in to being force extracted? 

Cause a lot of times people seem like they don't even notice the host is extracting until they get the "Host Migration" message. Or even if they do they have like 10 seconds to travel 40 seconds worth of distance. 

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