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Archwing Drifting issue


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ever since day 1 of my account and i got Archwing unlocked for some reason my character/archwing would drift to either the left or right drastically either when turning or looking left or right. i usually dont play archwing missions a lot so i thought it was normal but after talking to a friend of mine who loves archwing, they said that shouldn't be happening at all. my flight sensitivity was default and i lowered it to see if that would fix it and it didn't. im not using experimental flight mode so i dont think that would fix it either. i really wish this problem was fixed because when i use Archwing in POE or OV the thing functions normally with no drifting. if i fire up an archwing mission, the sucker is drifting all over the place to the point i swear the walls and ceiling are magnetized or something! please fix this issue!! im sick and tired of this drifting and smacking into every single wall!! 

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