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Bugged Archgun/K-Drive Interaction


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How to produce:

Step 1: Bring out Archgun on the Plains of Eidolon or in the Orb Vallis

Step 2: Activate your K-Drive while still having your Archgun out

Step 3: Disembark the K-Drive using a melee attack.

In the resulting state, you should be able to only use your primary weapon, unable to switch weapons, unable to quick-melee, unable to interact with items(though they will still produce a prompt), unable to resurrect yourself(others can rez you, though) and unable to pick up objects(though they WILL follow you if you have a sentinel with vacuum on, rather like if you're in the Rift Plane).

You can activate your Archwing, but the only way out of it, is to drop into your K-Drive, which you can again disembark with a melee attack.

If relevant, this was produced in a mission I wasn't hosting.

Most of the effects are sadly not something I can screenshot, but this one I can:


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