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With all the rage about the flavor-of-the-month amps, such as the (x)-2-7 or what have you, I have both the Shraksun scaffold and the Certus brace. But my question is to you guys.

What prism would you guys reccomend for either, if not both, eidolons and normal missions. I have done deep googling and searched hi and lo and not found anything about prisms in particular outside of the plain information about their stats. That's not what I'm looking for, I'm wanting to get second opinions about what prisms that are recommended and why. How they handle, fire rate, energy consumption, range, accuracy and overal which prism just "feels right" according to anybody out there who isn't just gonna say the useless "prisms don't matter"

So please, anyone out there. What is your prefered prism and why? I've been getting sick of the Swaak prism as its fire rate and severely limited range is is far too sluggish for my tastes.

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