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Tennocon Nekros Prime


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Yes I am also in the same boat. I watched the whole thing, both on my PS4 from Twitch app and on my laptop. I even posted a few times in the Twitch channel to prove I was there and got nothing. I should have been eligible for the Nekros Prime. I specifically came back to the game after the announcement of free Nekros Prime after a long break and highly disappointed with this. :| Has ANYONE had luck with contacting their support or they are just shrugging it off?

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2 hours ago, sleepychewbacca said:

You're hella out of luck. 

All rewards have been given out. If you don't have it now, you're not getting it. Better off contacting Support. 

Why keep bothering support, slowing down response time to legit issues?  If by now you didn’t get your Nekros or ephemera, you’re not going to.  Take the L and move on.  

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26 minutes ago, OmegaDonut said:

Has anyone gotten it since DE ran the script?  

Didnt think so.  Move on.  

That doesn't make the issue any less legitimate. In fact, I read the post from DE before coming to this post. They specifically said they found issues because people like us reported not getting the drop. We're here to tell them something was missing from the script they ran and still excluded eligible players/viewers. I hope that they can look into those accounts still missing the drop and find what they missed from the first script or provide some explanation why it cannot be recovered instead of leaving us high and dry. 

You don't have to like that we're still posting about it. You would probably still be infuriated if you hadn't got your drop either, but you did get yours so of course you don't mind there are some players who are still impacted by the technical error.

3 hours ago, eI_poro_grande said:

Anyone else still waiting for your NEkros Prime from watching tennocon for an hour?

I'll be contacting support personally before taking this advice of "moving on". Nothing gets done by being silent and letting it slide under the radar. Who knows, maybe the data we can provide will prevent other cases in the future with similar events & their team will appreciate that.

If you do the same I wish you luck. Here's to hoping the DE team has a different mentality.

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