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Hotfix 25.4.3


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5 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Further fixes towards crashes that could occur when typing invalid characters in text boxes.

aww, come on... let us use ascii codes in those lil text boxes - would be so nice to screw with that wordfilter of yours ^^)

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44 minutes ago, Mechanical99 said:

Thx 4 hotfix!!  Can anyone help me tho. My equinox’s Mend and Maim has been swapped between day and night. Mend on day and Maim on night.  I don’t know how to fix it because it persists on every mission. 

you sure you just don't got confused in which mode you are? fyi, in nightform equinox is wearing the 'skirt" thingy. else, it would be the first time i heard of this bug... (and i just looked it up too °°)

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First time posting, long time playing..  Can you fix the multi rev bug on the plains where if you have 2 rev's on mission the host doesn't do enough damage to kill a volve. this has been in game from about the time of fortuna, maybe linked to that fishing bug.

Thank you. Human

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111 hotfixes since chimera update and still no fix for melee locking your movement and momentum isn't working.


Sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger.

Before chimera update:





  • War's blade energy not displaying while having mara detron equipped



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Please fix vacuum/fetch mod so that it works under laggy conditions and isn't reliant on pet distance along with other variables such as host CPU which adds a huge delay to vacuum even if the ping is below 50ms.

Please add more warframe mod configuration slots for frames. ABC -> DEF.

Please add medallions to defense tilesets or boost the standing gained by at least 8*500 = 4000.

Please make medallions persistent in maps so the host can pick up the medallion and people joining after will still get them.

Please re-add mastery symbols at a glance to hover over market item icons instead of requiring 2-3 click through.

Please clean up the new index map, tons of nooks and crannies make reactant impossible to collect.

Please draw the minimap so that parts of it that you've already explored show at all times instead of fading away in weird blotches. Or whatever this weird mechanic is. Increase the tolerance level for exploration for verticals.

Please add favorite weapon feature so we dont have to scroll through an extremely limited UX that doesn't scale by resolution.

Please add configuration names to the Arsenal general screen so we know what frame and weapon configs we have selected at a glance. Glance value can improve a lot of UX complaints.

Please allow the loadout list to be re-arranged or reordered.

Please fix Tyr Regor assassination maniac spawn so they do not teleport/clip through walls/water. They become unreachable and you need to wait a long time for them to "despawn" for the fight to move on.

Please increase extermination spawn rate if players reach the end. Certain extraction tilesets do not spawn enemies until players are far away from the spawning zones.

Please improve survival spawn rate. It breaks if people extract separately, if you're the last person, only 1-2 enemies spawn at a time. Please make the spawn rate better across the board so soloing survival is more comparable to soloing defense.

Please show the number of shadows Nekros has stored up to the maximum 20.

Please fix the terrible AI when holding position. 100% of the time they will stop shooting due to queued up actions until you put them back on follow. This applies to spectres as well.

Please fix Arca Plasmor disintegrate not working with Nekros Desecrate (the invisible corpse does not get rolled on for extra drop chance). 

Please fix medallion riven challenge so that picking up medallions actually counts towards unveiling the riven.

Please fix Zhuge Prime reload speed. Emptying the mag results in a 2 second reload instead of the advertised 1.5s reload.

Please hide the character model when backed up against a wall. If you stand against a wall it blocks your ability to look or aim.

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Thank you for the update.

The following bugs remain:

- When performing a Ship Reactor Sabotage via the "Fire" path (re-introducing the Fuel cell), the expanding wall of flame emanating from the reactor and the eventual meltdown of the whole ship no longer occur. This makes the fire path very low-risk, and since I don't think I saw patch notes removing this.

- During Hive missions, after destroying a Hive the Lotus no longer explains what environmental effects are triggered.

- Several enemies still do not have Codex Entries. Some of these are: Vapos Bioengineer, Coildrives, Terra Turrets, Mite Raknoids. There are many more.

- During Operation Plague Star events, when talking to Nakak for the Operational Supply shop, she can be heard speaking but her lips do not move.

- When applying a Stradavar Tekelu Skin on Stradavar Prime, the clip does not rotate while firing as it does on the regular Stradavar.

- After hacking Reactor Consoles on Grineer Reactor Sabotage missions and Portal Consoles in Void Sabotage missions, the textures on the consoles become scrambled, as you can see below. (Also note the missing blue holograms on the Orokin Console - bug is detailed further down)



- Grineer Articula offers only Frontier Grineer options for customization regardless of how many others were scanned


- Kitgun clip remains attached to left hand after reload



- An extra clip gets attached to the wrong side of Gibber-grip kitguns when switching from the gun to an ability (such as Balefire) or carrying an object/datamass and then back to the gun.


- Tusk Eviscerators cannot use the Ramparts on the Plains. Here you can see them going to them, but being unable to mount the emplancement and becoming stuck



- Reload animation and Dynamic Clip not working Soma Prime with a Skin


- Danaus Sword and Shield skin is bugged:


- Perla Pistol Skin bullet tracer origins are bugged. This happens notably when the skin is applied to Sicarus Prime or Dex Furis, as well as other secondaries.



- Camera is bugged when talking to Little Duck SPECIFICALLY when the syndicate console is used to go directly to her room in Fortuna. This also happens with several other characters and vendors, such as Hok in Cetus.


- The new Syndicates interface sometimes causes distortions of the faces of the various characters



- The Conclave Lobby screen frequently removes the heads of the various Warframes


- The holographic writings are missing from Orokin Consoles (both Lua and Void)



- Using Magus Lockdown makes Kela de Thaym fall down and renders her unable to get up for the entirety of the boss battle:



- Archwing Ogma and Gox, as well as the Tusk Firbolgs are duplicated in Codex Diorama


- Orokin Defense laser countdown timer is bugged


- Grineer Turrets on the Kuva Fortress are all named Senta Turret regardless of their type; this is a Corpus name, however.



- Some of the Corpus computer screens in the Gas City still use the old opaque texture




- Gara's Zamariu Helmet does not lose its glass decorations while using the Splinter Storm


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21 minutes ago, Geekus01 said:

Are you going to do a fix on the Quatz Pistol? I just got one it ranks up like it is supposed to but it won't let me put on any mods. If you can fix this I will be deeply grateful.

Do you have enough mod capacity for the ones you’re trying to put on? A couple of screenshots would be helpful as well

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