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Ideas for Grendel (Dad-Bod Frame)


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Well I'm not sure if DE has any ideas of their own so far, but i figured I could post some from my own imaginations so they could use it as a concept if they like it. Any similarities to something else are purely coincidental. 

Disclaimer: I'm imagining that he's eating everything by opening his stomach and munching on enemies.

Passive:  He can use his belly for finishers... eating enemies who are open to finishers, and restoring HP. Or rub his belly for buffs/good fortune. Or it could tell corny jokes that makes enemies commit seppuku/sudoku. 

Dodge: He lunges his belly forward, using it to propel himself. Enemies caught along the way, get knocked over/staggered. 

1) Spicy Meat-a-ball--Gives a damage buff:

Grendel barfs some fire, or corrosive gas onto enemies, blinding them and opening them to finishers. Hold the button again, to suck the nearest "fire-proceed" enemies into your stomach. Gains a buff based on what type of enemy unit/faction he's consumed. 

2) Grab me a beer/Open This Jar--Replenishes Energy:

Grendel grabs an enemy, and bites off their head  (or a limb) with his stomach. Then holds the corpse over his belly, so he can drink their blood.  (I can ship him with Garuda btw)

3) Hold my beer--Barfs ammo/hp/energy motes that he stored in his stomach, and gives himself a damage & speed buff:

Grendel barfs the remains of enemies, along with their gear and ammo (for teammates to grab). This makes him lighter, and sturdier. 

4) Steve Grendel Needs a Snickers Snacc: 

Grendel is Hangry, and goes into a berserking rage. Each step he takes, has a chance to knock-down nearby enemies(spilling enemy coffee, and everything else) and he gets more bonus damage. Knocked down enemies are prone to finishers, via eating them with his belly. 

Edit: In addition to his passive, Grendel could have a "stomach capacity" type of gauge which would tie into his 3rd & 4th ability. It would afford him certain buffs; a "fuller" stomach would do things like give him leverage with heavy weapons, and also give him resistance to KD. 


Let me know whatcha think, and feel free to submit more suggestions/comments/ideas of your own!~

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