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Conservation on PoE is a nightmare...


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-Every damn spot where you need to make an animal call has grineer on it AND a thumper.   And then every damn grineer just about has the ability to call for help so just trying to clear the area of enemies turns into huge wars..    Thats just one of the problems....

-This applys to PoE and Orb Vallis but clicking on animal poop can make NOTHING happen...  you are not given animal tracks to follow or target locations to find the call spot.

-In PoE I used a scent booster for condroc or mergoo and then I made the animal call..  nothing showed.   No enemies were aware of me or even around but thats not to say it wasnt scared off by something else but then again I never got a failure message.   

-Are condrocs/mergoo suppose to circle over the call spot or land???  Most of the time they circle...  but I have seem them land and I would definately like to shoot them there over moving targets.  

But I had a res booster the other day and went to PoE to bust out the last of my floof collections and it was a horrible experience.  I only need condroc and mergoo floof sets to have everything from PoE and OV.  

PS:  Do NOT add floofs that you do not have to hunt for,  such a Thumper floofs.   

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