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Warframe Concept - Quarz


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So, I've tinkered on the idea of a crystal-themed concept for a while now and here it is. It's a melee support which sacrifices health and shields but has no need for energy.

Name: Quarz
Health: 150 (450 at rank 30); Shields: 150 (450 at rank 30); Armor: 500; Energy: /
Passive: Crystallizing Touch
Melee weapons gain 1 meter additional range (addetive). Melee and gunfire leave crystal shards on enemies, priming them.
Primed enemies fully crystallize and shatter on death, granting Quarz charges which are used for their abilities. Ability efficiency has no effect on the Charge cost of abilities.

1. Vitality Burst - Casting Cost: 5 Charges / Two-handed cast

Toss a crystal that, if it hits an enemy, reduces their Armor permanently by 75% and primes enemies within a 6m area the impact point.
Allies within 9m of the impact heal for 30 health per second, gain 200 additional armor and will additionally gain your passive for 10 seconds.
Enemies killed by your allies while they are affected by this ability grant you charges.

Affected by: Duration, Range, Strength

2. Crystal forest - Casting cost: 10 Charges + 15% max. health / Two-handed cast (immobile/invurnerable during cast)

Grow a 15m wide crystal forest around you. Allies standing inside the area gain knockdown immunity and 20% damage reduction and heal for 10 health per second - the area slows movement speed of enemies by 25%.
Primed enemies within 7.5m around Quarz are consumed, adding 5% DR per enemy consumed (DR is capped at 60%). The ability lasts for 20 seconds.

Affected by: Duration, Efficiency affects the health drain, Range, Strength

3. Reactive Cloud - Casting Cost: 20 Charges + 15% max. Shields / Two-handed cast

Toss a crystal which shatters on impact and leaves a cloud of dust in a 10m radius that lingers for 15 seconds.
Enemies within the cloud take 25% more damage for every proc they are affected by and procs caused by weapons on an enemy within the cloud are applied on all other enemies inside it.
The cloud primes enemies walking through it.

Affected by: Duration, Efficiency affects the shield drain, Range, Strength

4. Crystalline Armor - Casting Cost: 50% of current Charges / Two-handed cast

Increase your Armor by 80 for every Charge used to cast the ability for 18 seconds. During this time Quarz stores the damage he and his allies take.
After your Armor buff runs out you and all allies that were in range during the inital cast gain 4% DR for every charge used to cast the ability (DR is capped at 75%) for additional 18 seconds.
The damage stored while the Armor buff was active gets doubled and converted into shields for you and your allies, granting Overshields when possible.
The range of this ability is dictated by Affinity Range.

Affected by: Duration, Strength

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