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How many virgins are given to you daily? 

Not enough. 


Can I have a Orokin Reactor for my next login reward please? 



Why are you so cruel to us Tenno?


Will I get: Self Destruct, Rage, Quick Thinking anytime soon?

Soon as defined by the internet means: Any time between now and the end of time.


so yes.

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will I ever a get a damn bronco prime barell like the day I got every paris prime part and bp in a day

That day I smiled upon thee, currently I am bestowing my blessings upon another, but sacrifices are welcome.


Your favorite loyalist and chaos chapter?

The one where all those people died and you cried.


Boxers or briefs?

I go commando under my toga.


Why do you refuse to give me what I need.

Why do you assume you need it? I shall bestow my blessings unto thee sooner or later, but there are others, more deserving, that shall receive them first.

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A lot of people hate you, but I've had decent prizes for pretty much everything, so I'll just say this.

You're alright.

<3 I see more luck in your future.


Empanadas or Pasta con Tuco?


PS: I don't know what to cook @_@

I don't speak Spanish


Take pan, fry meat of choice. Remove meat. Fry onions and garlic. Add sauce pre-cursors of choice. Re-add meat. Get carb-stuff of choice. Put meal together and add cheese. Garnish with green stuff.

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