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Make radiation Great again!(Rework idea for radiation)

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Rework idea for radiation:

Regarding enemies: Whenever an enemy is affected by radiation status effect they will effectively try to shoot/hit everything in their reach, this status lasts for 30(+affects from mods) seconds or until the enemy hits someone who is not radiated. When the enemy unit hits an unradiated unit the status duration halves and both of them will be radiated for the time being. The duration halves only if they hit someone not radiated. If they hit a warframe or anyone not radiated they become radiated too. However they prioritize already radiated enemies.

Regarding Warframes/tenno: When a warframe is radiated, they get all buffs, arcanes and mods disabled from warframe and weapons which modifies power strength or damage for the effect being.(power range, efficiency and duration mods are unaffected) When a warframe shoots someone unradiated with radiation they TRANSFER their radiation to them as long as they are not another warframe, if you shoot another warframe or an initially ally you will have your radiation status reduced to 5 seconds and they get radiated for 5 seconds too. When the effect ends all buffs lost are regained. The warframes during radiation cannot buff allies and allies count as enemies thus cannot be healed. While being under the effects of radiation EVERYONE will look like the unit who inflicted the effect on you(skins are replaced so warframes can still be determined by movement, but if they are standing it is harder to determine). Abilities do not trigger on warframes, not a single one.

Overall change what applies to radiation on everyone: When radiation ends units are protected from being radiated again for 30 seconds, but each time they would be affected by the status again cuts off 1 second from the protection.


Trolling possibility: Small because warframes will have the models of enemies so they cannot intentionally want to kill allies if they cannot see them, but anyway their damage is reduced to base damage during this time even on warframe, so the damage they deal to allies is minimal, just like the damage dealt to enemies.

Game fluidity: Normal this wouldn't change much on game fluidity due to the effect being the same as before but it is more infective and the players are put out to be in more danger, but to avoid it being annoying completely the 30 seconds of protection is great. Also many abilities which have status protection would be a good way to apply radiation yet avoid being affected by it and those are not reduced by being radiated by 1 second.

Fun factor: Normal I say normal for that too, because some people would prefer it that a status finally makes challenge to them and some people would hate it because well... they are crybabies who hate statuses affecting them.

Difference: Slightly higher than Normal I say this because this would allow this status to be applied more often in games, on enemy weapons, etc. without making overpowered troll allies kill you or the defensive object. I mean... with base damage without abilities, i think it is almost impossible, if not completely impossible.(But for defense objectives i would give 90% immunity)

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