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Suggestion: Amalgam Hell's Chamber


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Ever since I tried out the Amalgam Serration mod from the Thermia Fractures event, I've found the sprint boost to be totally worth the dip in damage. So much so that I've been finding it a bummer whenever I bring a shotgun into a mission, because of course Amalgam Serration is strictly a rifle mod. And I really like my shotguns, but everything feels so slow with them now that I'm avoiding using them. I'd like to fix that.

So my suggestion, as you've certainly gathered from the title, is to introduce a shotgun counterpart to Amalgam Serration: Amalgam Hell's Chamber. Not Point Blank, because Primed Point Blank already exists and this shouldn't be totally outclassed by or a discount version of that. Hell's Chamber is the next closest "must have" mod in shotgun builds, so it's the most logical fit.

I'd understand if you didn't want to just copy Amalgam Serration's "+25% Sprint Speed" effect (though I would be more than okay with it). My suggestion for an alternative, if one is necessary, would be to buff the speed of aerial maneuvers instead, being some of the most commonly used movement techniques to progress through maps quicker.

So here's an example of what this mod could look like:

Amalgam Hell's Chamber

(Rank: 5    Drain: 17 :madurai:)

+110% Multishot

+50% Speed after a Bullet

Jump until landing.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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