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Spider Queen


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Since some Frames are named after the gods and even correspond to them.  I wondered why until now did DE have not made the goddess of spiders "Arachna"?

So here is my concept of Frame Spider abilities.

 Arachna - Spider Queen

 Passive Ability: It becomes invisible and faster on a vertical surface.

 1 Skill - Prey Capture: Arachna jumps on the enemy, inflicting a debuff with toxin and bounces back.

 When the button is clamped, the ability will confuse the enemy into the web.
 When the enemy is in the web, the damage it receives is increased.
 + 25% chance to knock out health or energy.

 After a minute, the spider's web will dissolve, and the toxin debuff will remain for a few more seconds.


 2 Skill - Thread Hunter: Arachna releases invisible to the thread of the web cobwebs.
 Enemies who have fallen on it will immediately be entangled in it.
 Maximum threads 5 (increases with power mods)


 3 Skill - Spider nests: Arachna places up to four spider nests of three types, from which the spiders will leave the spiders every 10 seconds:

 1 (Green) - Spider Nest Kamikaze: This spider jumps on the enemy in a certain radius and explodes, causing damage by a virus.
 (If there are no enemies within attack, he will follow the Queen until the closest enemy separates you ಥ_ಥ)

 2 (Red) - Life / Energy Spider Nest: This spider will jump on you or on your allies and explode, restoring its health or energy to its target (depending on the type of spider).

 The chance of a "Spider of Energy" 25%, in all other cases it will be "Spider of Life"

 3 (Yellow) - Bait / Scout Spider Nest: But this spider after appearance begins with scouting, it searches for and marks enemies on the map in a large radius.
 When he finds more than ten enemies, he begins to lure four of them, leading them to the nearest "Hunter's Thread."

 When the bait mission is over, it explodes, dealing damage with a virus.
 If there is no “Hunter's Thread” near, it explodes on the spot.


 Ultimate (streaming) - Queen's Face: Arachna takes on the appearance of the true Queen of the Spiders (Outwardly, 4 limbs appear on the back)
 All abilities are enhanced:

 1: Spike damage (those 4 limbs) is added, toxin damage increases
 Health / energy drop rate increases

 2: The thread changes to a network with a large radius.  If at least four enemies fall into the net, the whole net will turn into one big cocoon, from which health and energy will fall out every 7 seconds
 + ammo and resources

 3: The number of summoned nests increases by 6

 + Increases: run speed, damage and speed of melee weapons, armor, health.

P.S. I don't know English well so I had to translate via "Google translate"

Sorry for the inconve

I am from Russia

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