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Shawzin - suggestions (music creation & how to use)


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Hello Dreamers !
The DevStream, or rather... the Pablo-con (!) was amazing. And I'm happy with many of the things shown or talked about, and I would like to give my ideas about the Shawzin, the Orokin's instrument.

Two ways to record the music:
1 - the Musical Improvisation / free play :


This one is what Rebecca showed us : you will take the intrument & be free to play, to train & pass the time.
But with an additionnal button / keybinded command, you will "record" what you will play until you click again to stop the record (recording : up to the maximum notes accepted). Then a sheet music appears with all the notes played,
You'll be able to modify the notes, replay the music, etc.. (more details on the 2nd way to record) - name the song, save it, done.
It's a good way for training with the command's instrument & reward the skill.

2 - the sheet music writing ;



Instead of trying to pratice, you may be more comfortable with this way, more relatable to Octavia's mandachord.
Click on a button when you get the instrument equiped in your Orbiter (the position Rebecca showed us) to get a blank sheet music.
You get the option to listen to the note you add, or just to mute the all writting.

In the sheet music, you get all the notes & variations given by lines -
With basic commands :
A simple mouse click will "add" a note, which could be dragged to change the position (higher/lower - placing it sooner or later); a second click on the note will add a "dot" behind it, by default this "dot" is adding "0.5" of the "1" note's duration ; but by dragging the "dot" you will be able to customize the duration.
A third click on the note will remove it (note + dot).

With more advanced commands :
Click a button / keybinded command, you will have access to a 2nd set of commands.
There, the Player will be able to create a vibration for the long-notes (drag the elongated "dot" to create the frequency); to link the notes to create in a more simple way an arpeggio legato (add all the wanted notes on the same time, select them & then add an arrow going up or down following what you want to hear); and other things I don't recall right now.

Once the sheet completed - name the song, save it, done.


How to use the Shawzin (in both public, battle or orbiter area) :


1- if you want to perform an improvisation (not possible in public area I believe) : equip the Shawzin in the item-wheel ; select it & use it like it's done in the "musical improvisation - method to record".
2- if you want to perform a recorded music : equip the wanted music in the emote-wheel ; select it when wanted - it will perform just like the dances and such.
Like this, we could have a group of people performing in their room (thinking of the Octavia's band); having a bard or two in relays (but we keep a switch somewhere in the parameters to mute those people to avoid ear-bleeding).

But, to limit a bit - give some bread to DE : by default there will be 3 to 5 "free slot" for the record musics; to have more at the same time, a new slot would have to be bought with a small amount of platinum.

+Accessories & fashion :
I do believe that we could add various things to add variations in the music, but also in the visual style.
As the mandachor get various "theme" song, we could think of the Plectrum (various thickness giving a distinctive sound).
Visualy, we could think of colour modifications, addition of danglings, various reskin (tennogen guitar soon(tm) ).

I hope you like these ideas, maybe I'll add some pictures to explain myself here & there.
Feel free to give your opinion, or even just add your own thoughts, suggestions, ideas on "how to implement a space guitar & make it fun for most of us" ! :community:

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I'm a bit stuck right now on this suggestion...
The Shawzin is a 3 string instrument which by its design is comparable to two other instruments we currently have (well, at least 2 that I find/remember) :

The Shawzin:



The Shamisen:



The 3-string guitar, called " the cigar box buitar ":



Yes there are differenes, as the sugar box being a bit to long when compared to the Shawzin, etc... but that's not the question there:

The Cigar Box is played like a standard occidental guitar, so with the same music sheet; and it's not the same thing with the Shamisen:



How are we supposed to translate (easily) the occidental method in Warframe such I presented in my previous post, while you are using a string from the "position" 0 up to 14 ?


If we keep the "lore" with the music "smiles from Juran" then the Shawzin will have to be the full translation of the Shamisen ... so we need a method to make the Oriental Music Sheet.
If we do like what happened with the Beatbox of Octavia... a 2nd kind of Playstyle could potentialy appear : the initial Style would be the In-game Shamisen, while the 2nd Style would the in-game Cigar Box (so in the 2nd option: we would have then 2 kind of interface to play with, Oriental & Occidental).


P.S. : very fun side note, as I never looked at the Oriental method of doing their own Music Sheet:
Look at the familiarity between the Japanese & my notation :




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