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Returning to Warframe Looking for a clan


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Hi everyone, 

I'm coming back to Warframe after a year or 2 looking for a active clan or a bunch of casual players that are just looking for someone to help out with there grind. 

I'm from the UK 38 years old and a casual player due to RL don't get as much time to play as i would like but hey got to pay the bills. Couldn't tell you anything about my Character as i'm still downloading the update 

If anyone is willing to let me join there clan give me a shout 

IGN: Wolfspride101

Discord: michaelbolden#0541

Update MR 7 

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I'm also a returning player and I'm right now trying to clean up on my old clan and reviving it. If you don't mind being in such a clan, they you can freely add me on discord too 😄 Noctis#0009

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