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Starting the grind again, looking for help/clan/community


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Hello Tennos,

I was big into warframe on PS4, I was MR14 and I couldn't transfer my account over, which makes me sad... cause i had over 3k plat, had  the following primes:  ash,rhino,mag,mirage,hydroid,frost,trinity,oberon,vauban,nekros and a few extra sets of those, like rhino,ash,mag,hydroidx3,nekrox3 and lots of weapon sets, when I found out I couldn't transfer my accounts over I got a little triggered,

Anyway I'm bored of the current games I play now and I'm looking for someone to team up with me to crush common goals, tried x5 to get a damn kubro egg, doing venus/mercury to get to mars now, but doing some defense missions solo (no public parties been searching) are relatively difficult to do alone, also.. i hate typing so i could join a discord or someone joins mine as i stream that works also.

Give me a shout my name is sessions_tv in game.. 


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