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Add Harrow's Thurible as a melee weapon/Introduce flails


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Just now, yles9056 said:

Harrow is not really a melee theme frame. His abilities center around headshot. So unless you can aim and score headshot with the thurible, otherwise, no.

Yeah, he's not exactly melee themed...but he's pretty decent at it anyway.  And some melee weapons and stances--like polearms--land a lot of headshots.   It'd be appropriate if a Thurible flail was the same.

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Dunno what you guys are talking about - his 2 gives him meltational attack speed (and lifesteal with heals for the entire team), while 3 if cast sufficiently long basically negates the need for only hitting heads (although headshots happen often on polearms, as the guy above said). He has a bug-off button with a long invincibility window for the whole team, and while he's in the thick, he's way easier to get his ult stacked to full.  

All that can be improved with a stance that favors overhead strikes. (which can be added with flails)

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