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The Nekros "rework"?no,please...instead,small Changes!


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First off lemme start with,congratulating DE to making an awesome frame.Not stat wise,not cuz having powerfull skills,but becuase being simply AWESOME and having original mechanics.I feel like this is my next fav frame after Loki and Nyx,cuz of having INDIRECT damage abbies,and abbies that require you to THINK IT THROUGH.

So,to make him a bit more easier to master and get a hang in him,I propose the following.

"Soul Punch"

Make it,and all of the other abbies that require you to directly target an enemy,be easier to target.Not DIRECTLY targetting,but more even a small are around the enemy.


Swap it with Desecrate to the 3rd slot,maybe buff the range?And yea,only "damage boost" thing I´m noticing is a REALLY SMALL lowering of the enemie´s armor.I´d like that changed to an actuall dmg boost,to make him an even better team player.


Only thing wrong with it is,the cost.Should jsut be 25.And also,how about adding a small black outline to bodies that already vanished,so they drop stuff aswell?

"Shadows of the Dead"

Awesomest skill in-game,maybe on par with ice Wave,Fire Blast,Decoy and Bullet attractor.And many other too I´m sure.I like the long casting time,it makes you think of where to go,and when to cast it,but could you make it a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit shorter?Pliz?

That is all.Thank you for reading.

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I agree on Soul Punch.


No comment on Terrify, i don't use it.


Desecrate: it has to be reworked, it is hard to extract things from the dead when they are in death animation or simply disintigrated before you can do anything at all, not mentioning the lag issue. Instead mark the target prior their death so they can yield loot once they die. Keep the energy cost.


Shadows: oh boy, where to begin? The A.I is really terrible, units will often unload entire clips on the wall because there is enemy behind it, my suggestion, either improve the A.I OR make them follow you and attack your attackers (much like shadow's revenge skill)

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Nekros is really awesome, I didn't expect him to be so much fun ! Those are some good suggestions, especially swapping "desecrate" for "terrify". I wouldn't touch "shadows of the dead" too much though, just work on how grenier and corpus react, and maybe add a slight stun effect while casting it, just a 5 meter radius, so Nekros can't be charged and taken down while casting.


Anyhow this frame is a total blast, great work DE !

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I find Nyx makes Shadows of the Dead redundant.

Did void III mobile defense runs yesterday. Had a Frost and a Nyx on my side. Boy was Frost lonely in his snowglobe ! I didn't feel any redundancy between chaos and SoD, they just work great together imho ;) Also SoD let's you choose which mobs you want on your side and they'll never turn on you, chaos doesn't do that ;)

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Desecrate could use a rework. Make Nekros become covered in an Aura, and every enemy killed drops more items. Doesn't fit the name, but it's more useful.


Honestly, Terrify could also become like that and I wouldn't mind, instead of being just a pulse, but whatever.


Nekros also needs more energy, because a slow, slightly squishy frame with low energy is a bad idea.

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Glad to know not everyone hates Desecrate. Lowering its energy cost is a good idea, although the way it is now might tempt players to use Equilibrium in their builds.

yeah @(*()$ hating the power i think nekros needs a small buff on shadows of the dead increase cap by 1-3 clones plus small buff or explode upon death,desacrate.....replaced,and terrify needs a buff in the debuff lol with a small lowerinig the cost of this power maybe like 67?plus a helmate WITH stats in a nutshell thats basicaly wat i want to say

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I'm also in favor of tweaks instead of complete reworks. It's an overall solid frame that just needs some improvements to really shine.

Soul Punch is mostly fine, I would prefer the effects to be a bit more consistent but it's a good first ability.

I agree that Terrify needs a either a better range or have the "power in use" restriction lifted.

Desecrate needs either an a marker of where the enemies died as suggested, or have the enemies tagged by the power when they're still alive so that the ability would activate when they die.

Shadows of the Dead is the one that needs the most improvements in my opinion. Right now the shadows serve mostly as glorified decoys which is nice but pretty underwhelming for an ultimate that spawns a small army of minions. There are two main issues:

First, the AI is pretty terrible, even worse than that of the standard enemies since the shadows tend to aim at targets behind walls. A way to give simple commands would be great but if that is too complicated to implement then the AI needs to be improved.

Second, the damage the shadows do scales very poorly, partly because of the way Armor currently works and because of the difference in the amount of health frames and enemies have. This is also why the Reflection mod is so underwhelming. At higher levels you'll see the shadows and regular enemies stand and shoot at each other for a long time without actually doing that much damage. My suggestion is to have the damage shadows do to the enemies to be percentage based and scale off of the damage that the player would have taken if the attack was directed at him. This would create an interesting mechanic where it might be beneficial to go for builds with weaker defenses to make the shadows more powerful.

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