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An user-frendly suggestion about Warframe's Client


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Hi DE and everyone,

I just wanted to share my thoughts about an idea i had that i believe could help both new and veteran players.

So i was thinking, we have seen a lot of revolutionary changes in the game until now (and frankly i'm very amazed by it ) but somehow some thing remained the same, especially one:

*drum rolls sound effect* the client. To be specific, the client and the errors that comes sometimes with it. Even if there's always help from the community, i thought that including

some function that grants the client to check both the software and the machine for errors and show the way to correct them, maybe by some error code, could be cool. I think something like this could give a new "user-friendly" function to the client. Also, aesthetically speaking, it could be cool  changing the style of the window or the way the client starts, but for now i'm good with what i have right now.

Thanks for reading so far and, to the other players, please share your thoughts about this, after all having some feedback would be really cool.

See ya on the battlefield, Tenno.

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I'm not sure that kind of troubleshooting software exists.  If it does, it's almost certainly something that you'd need to pay for.  (Either as an upfront cost, or "HaxTool has found 35 errors on your computer!  Pay us 69.99 for the full version to get a listing of what they are!  Then pay us another 100.00 to remove the ransomware that came with this tool FOR FREE!")

I think the problem is that in a PC system, there's just too many possible "moving parts" to have a single tool that checks for everything.  There are many different kinds of CPU, dozens of different graphics cards, hundreds of possible configurations of memory (from many, many different manufacturers) and thousands of different kinds of motherboards.  Just the motherboards alone also come with different pre-loaded bios and firmware, even for the same model (ones later in the run *might* have been manufactured with any software updates included.)  I personally have a persistent, probably hardware or OS related error where Warframe just randomly kicks me to the login screen.  As near as I can tell, it's possibly related to a rare Windows bug that's apparently been popping up since Windows 98, and no one seems to have any "for sure" method of dealing with it except "buy another computer and hope it doesn't do it."  😞

Even maintaining a database of possible errors would be a nightmare, across all the different kinds of hardware and software and firmware.  Nevermind a listing of everything you *might* have to try to attempt to fix them.  It's certainly outside the scope of a game about running around stabbing people as a cybernetic ninja space-wizard.

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