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Enhanced Vitality not applying properly on kavats (kubrows?)


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This post will be mainly photos, you can view them all here: https://imgur.com/a/QkLLhi4

This is my kavat's health in mission with a R1 Enhanced Vitality (272hp):


This is my Kavat's Base HP (240 HP):


This is that Kavat with the Rank 1 Enhanced Vitality (+40% HP), but with the wrong health value (272HP instead of 240*1.4= 336HP):



This is kind of major, as the vitality mod is applying  +13.3% health instead of +40%.

In the imgur album, I have my rhino base Hp and health link photos in there as well, and those do work properly.


I think this was a error when these mods were made compatible with kubrows/kavats, as enhanced vitality works properly on this sentinel.

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Found this out by complete accident: 

I was using my kavat with a lower health warframe, and realized health link would be worse, but before I sunk endo into enhanced vitality, I realized the health values were wrong. I think this may have happened with when they made the vitality/shield increase mods global for all companions instead of sentinal mods.

As of right now, always use health link, cause Enhanced Vitality is currently 66% weaker than advertised on kavats/kubrows than it is on sentinels.

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Best guess is that Genetic Stability has something to do with it. Your Adarza actually has a base of 120 health, but Genetic Stability gives it a 100% bonus to health (netting your 240). 

I can't mathematically figure out how to get to 272 though, even trying to factor that in (but also haven't tried that hard). Enhanced Vitality is 48 bonus health on a base 120 health Kavat. You're only getting a 32 health bonus, which is...not a nice fraction of 120 (or 240). 32 is 1/3 of 96 (what you should get for 240 base health), but that's a missing 3x multiplier which doesn't match the 2x Genetic Stability multiplier? 


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