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New Catagories for Sorting Dojo Decorations?


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Having begun the proper decration of my clan's dojo, I've tried to adapt to the current catagories of theme in alphabetical order, but I still find it quite tedious to naviagte through, and I feel it stifles creativity by not having enough information on what my options for decration are without painstakingly going through each theme and scrolling down to find objects I'm not entirely sure are avaliable.

Because of this, I took a look through the tiems avaliable for decoration, and I was hoping that DE would maybe consider reorganziing the dojo decrations into a catagorical system that puts like-items near one another, instead of the current thematic alphabetical systems currently present? Instead of going to "Orokin" and going down to the "R" section for "Orokin Railing 8M", instead people would select the "Platforms, Pillars, and Walls" section, find the section with all of the railings, and select "Orokin Railing 8M", or maybe decide that they want to try out a Grineer Railing instead because the alternative option is easier to find.

The current catagories I have thought up, which aren't perfect so I'm open to ideas, are:
Plants and Rocks
Platformas, Pillars, and Walls
Benches and Chairs
Ceremonials (Think the archways, bells, and the Altar)
Pipes and Storage
Trophies and Banners
Technology and Lights

Obviously, these names are all-encompassing, the example above having railings be included in "Platformas, Pillars, and Walls". Much the same, "Pipes and Storage" could also include stuff like lockers and pipe fans.

Anybody else think this is a good idea? I'm totally down for changes to the catagories, or amybe I'm totally wrong and somebody can help me understand how the thematic alphabetical system is better than a catagorical one?

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