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Sortie: missons completed but not counted as completed


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I cannot finish today's sortie because the 2 missions I played have not registered and I cannot run the last mission. I have some screenshots to describe the issue.

Important note: while in the squad, we had no host migration issues or players dropping in / out. The team I played with stayed the same during missions, but we had 1 player drop after the first mission.


Mission 1 - defense - completed but very buggy final report:



Mission 2 - exterminate - completed and got a normal final report.



Mission 3 is Kuva Spy which I decided to run solo, so I left the squad.

I cannot play it because I do not meet the requirements:


Proceeded to screenshot the issue, restarted the game (just in case), and was met with no sortie missions done prompt.


Sorties are the daily thing I return to complete and I am really disheartened by this. I don't know if this is common, but it's the first time I've encountered the error.

Help or advice appreciated.


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