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Coming back to Warframe



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Have you completed any of the cinematic quests - the Second Dream, the War Within and the Sacrifice? If not, those (and the requisite starchart progression) should be a priority, as they're both required for much of the later content and, well, really good.

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-Ropalolyst (Jupiter) (Story Boss)

-Get more MR

-Get a better amp

-Do Nightwave

-Fortuna (Venus)

-Profit-taker and other bosses in Fortuna

-Get Hildryn ^

-Get Wisp (Ropalolyst)

-Complete all side quests

-Make music in mandachord

-Defeat Tusk Thumpers (Normal, Bull, & Doma)

-refresh yourself on the eidolons

-Get new frames or weapons

-unlock arbitrations (defeat all missions on starchart)

-Grind a bunch of mods (if you dont know what you want or where to get them just use the wiki)

-etc etc etc could go on for years.

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