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DE, you guys rock. This community does too.


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I had thought about posting on Reddit, but I figured this might be the best place.


For the record, in the past I've watched CohhCarnage play Warfame. From someone who had literally NO IDEA what was going on, I got confused. Hard to really ask questions or anything the 7k+ people watching him run through content. But, I did find myself watching a few Devstreams...including when the lovable white board that came out. I watched some of TennoCon, but not much from his stream. I think I left it at one point when the "if you're a new player..." spoiler warning came up. But, came back to check out Gauss. 

Fast forward 1-2 days later and I figured I'd make an account. Granted, it was a "battle" per se. Because I had to figure out a different name, other than the one I've used pretty much since 2005ish in various video games. Shockum wouldn't work for some reason, so I ended up going with my Twitch name. No big deal

Needless to say, I've had the most fun in a video game these past 2 weeks...than I've had in a video game in a long time. People find out I'm new and will give tips or suggestions. Help me with a boss, or clear a planet if I would struggle. The Lotus event that went live yesterday? I couldn't do 2 of the missions as I'm still working through Uranus. Well, a few guys brought me along and did those missions + clearing for completion. 

People have shied away from spoiling the story, as best they can. Confused me the first time I heard Lotus, with a "Where have I heard that voice before?!?" thought. Joked to a friend that I thought she was coming off as a mom. Then Dropped Frames happened. Heard Rebecca and it all came to me. Saw the gift someone made, and I'm curious how the "betrayal" part plays in. For those curious, I just learned Lotus' real name. 😯

As some friends have called it "adorable" to know how many frames I have building right now, I've been going onto Helene to level them when they're done before I try them later. What frames? Nyx, Ember, Valkyr, Nezha, Oberon, Mesa Prime (that I friend gifted me...when I commented about wanting to PEW PEW PEW with a space cowgirl ninja), Nova, Vauban, Limbo, Zephyr. Now that I'm on Uranus...I'm coming for you Equinox. One buddy who declare Valk the best, ran a mission with me once. Had me turn music off and sound all the way up and did her scream. Megan...my God. I can see why that could hurt doing that scream often. He didn't warn me, I jumped 😂

As I ran some missions on Helene, 2 straight groups had Nekros Prime. In the 2nd group I commented about it, and one guy asked me if I watched the event. Found out he meant TennoCon, and informed them of when I played...and where I was as far as planets go. We all joked and it turned into pointers, when it turned into the base frame. Haven't started running Derelicts yet, though Lephantis' days are numbered. As we're just working through the mission, party chat just became an information session about him...and the joy you can have. The group fell apart at the end with one guy says, "The 2 must have mods for Nekros are." The group fell a part so I didn't get his name. Didn't know how to whisper someone without clicking their name, before it was too late. 😂


What I'm getting at is, this game is just flat out awesome. Every day it feels like there's something to do, even if it's just keep working through a planet. I tried a few bounties early on...and got destroyed. So, I'll wait another time to do those. The Wiki is on a tab on another screen to look at if I have a question about something. The community - even outside of Cohh's clan - has been nothing but positive...even if they're speedrunning through somewhere and I'm trying to keep up like a potato.

With a ton of the story left to go, anxiously waiting to run bounties, sorties (whatever they may be), ESO, and other cool content. I mean there's tons of frames I have to track how to get them. I mean, I'm just sitting here waiting for the BEST PRIMES TO COME BACK *cough* Mag & Frost *cough* 😛

I just had to take a few minutes and thank you guys for a great GREAT game and applaud the awesomeness of this community. Glad I finally decided to play this game. Kicking myself that I should've checked it out a lot earlier. Better late than never!

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