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Fluctus Vs Profit Taker wall of 0 damage


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OK so I'm assuming that this is some attempt to rein in the Fluctus being the go-to Profit Taker weapon but it's kinda ridiculous to the point of "is this just a bug?" 

One of the weapons that really stuck out Vs the Profit Taker was the Fluctus, specifically the wall of 0 damage that resulted in firing at the Profit Takers legs. That thing fires hecca slow and it's shtick is that it hits multiple things and clearly it was hitting multiple times cause there where probably like 10+ instances per shot of 0 damage and one or two >>> if I was lucky <<< where in which it would actually hit for a whoppin 1.5k(ish) at this point I can't recall but it wasn't a terribly impressive number. 

It wasn't even expressly when I hit multiple legs, I could be directly in front of the only leg that still had health, firing strait into it and just strait up nothing. Just a wall of zeros, not even a single "congratulations you landed A hit". And it wasn't as if the beam/wave/whatever was being negated because I could fire through the leg and hit an enemy behind it. Zero damage to the leg but the enemy died just fine.  

I could understand that for something like Ruk nut we're being asked to hit the side of a barn.


Edit: for clarification cause I know someone is going to bring up "you know you have to match the damage type indicated on it's head ryt", I'm talking about the free for all Archgun Damage phase not the shield phase. 

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I did six or seven runs on Friday, all failed, four of them were with group of random. I was wondering the whole time why my hits were registering as Zero damage, I went right down beneath the legs shot and died.

after doing some research I found that the weapon just doesn’t work. That shouldn’t happen DE. 

That fight is a total BS, my tank frames can’t even survive long enough, tried Rhino, Chroma and Inaros, maybe the Arcanes have that much impact? Because I don’t have any of the useful ones.

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