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A simple Warframe expansion?


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Hey all, this is my first post on this forum so I apologize if anything I say may have ever been said elsewhere. So here goes... (Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. TLDR: Add a roguelike "tower" mode with RNG that is completely optional to play). 

I know much of the Warframe community hates RNG, and DE has been wonderful in caring about the community. One of the reasons I've grown to love this game. 
I blew through the main storyline content pretty quickly, and began to collect many-a-weapons and frames. 
I absolutely love how intricate and detailed the guns are in Warframe, the feeling of a backstory to a slight shift between say an X weapon vs an X Prime is awesome worldbuilding and I love the distinct Warframe weaponry. However, I've hit a wall where I've grown a bit bored. I have weapons that I've forma'd to death, and same with frames, and love high end content but I have this urge for more. So I had a simple, absolutely-stolen-from-other-games idea. No its not a battle royale, dont worry! 


My idea was this: Have an RNG rogue-like dungeon 'crawler' (more like dungeon ninja'er?). It would be an unlimited dive into a random assortment of ever-strengthening enemies, with every X (lets say 5 for a mini-boss and 10 for a real boss) levels hosting a boss fight, and also a bonus prize. Very similar to the unlimited missions we have now though more "mission type" style.
However, this is where the rogue-like elements come in. Lets say you are given the choice between 3 random frames (or even just ONE random frame that the player has no choice but to use to encourage people to play new frames) to use for the entire run, with prime versions being rare as an option. Each frame could begin with some simple survival mods such as health and shields, but perhaps with the option of 3 RNG weak weapons to start off with. Every X (5-10) levels they get a 10-20s pause to add and buff mods they have collected from defeated enemies as well as swap weapons and buff them as well. These arent our regular weapons but imagine if you fused a Riven with an RNG base of maybe 25%+/- for each of the stats as well as the "Riven bonus" (perhaps that could cause one slot to be grayed out and un-removable but maybe you will have a chance to roll it every X levels). I hate to compare it to other games, but it would still be THAT type of warframe weapon, except it would have RNG on its stats such as Borderlands or Destiny (2). As you kill enemies, you gain points that are used towards buffing your frame and weaponry, or maybe it could gain strength the more you use it. However, as you grow in power, so does the enemy. Gaining new weapons, new technology, improved level and AI. There would also be some new pre-fab tricky jumping courses which could hinder your time and help players to improve their parkour ninja skills. A timer implemented as a part of each levels mission would be good to encourage players to try their best to do a mission and also move quickly to get the best prize possible. 
Maybe every 25-50 levels they are guaranteed a rare item or better, to ensure that players feel rewarded for their time investment. 
You could also add a difficult boss every Y levels (idk, 25?) that would pose a challenge to players. 
Also, there would either be no revivals with limited lives, or something to that extent. A way to allow the rogue-like death to exist so as to not allow infinite lives throughout. Some skills could be disabled or nerfed (things like wukongs death-defying, operator mode, going through Limbo portals, etc. Perhaps give Wu a single death avoidance every 10 levels, give Limbo a limited time in the portal or perhaps just a damage reduction, etc.).

I dont know if it would be better as a solo outing or allow groups to come together.  

Every time you beat a certain number of levels, you will gain a choice of 4 prizes depending on your efficiency. Perhaps this could be a way to gain the awkward to gain Nitain, as it stands currently, as well as other items such as the ephemera that was added to other enemies recently. If you/you and your team are able to do excellent jobs, you might have the (obviously low, but perhaps rising in difficulty increases the chance of these items) chance to get rare or difficult to obtain items. You could also rotate the prizes as ONLY available during the duration of the 'event'. Perhaps each choice will be a difficult one, and if its a team situation, each player has their own choices. You could also add large caches of credits, rare or hard to obtain crafting materials, special decals or color pallets, etc. 

You could even add, lets say, holiday or seasonal themed situations. Lets say on Valentines day its "bows only", and/or the enemies have bows. Halloween you could only use infected style weaponry and frames. Holidays where fireworks are abundant you could have "Missle-type only" days! 
This could all be related to Simaris as a new type of simulation, so as to remove it completely from the "real world". Each level could have a different theme: Kill everyone while making sure you hit orbs to gain time, obstacle courses, etc. Obviously nothing that people arent really into playing in the first place. We dont want it to become a punishment to play.
As a rogue-like situation, perhaps you will be allowed to "keep" an item or boost a skill level (so that next time you pick that character, the level of a skill will start as +1 or more). This way everyone will start out weak, and it will take time to improve your frames, your weapons, your mods, etc. to make it through the trials. There could be a low-cap point system that allows you to spend points towards these things, as opposed to endo/credits. Maybe it will take time to max out your frame, and then perhaps you must forma (with in-simulation earned forma) your frame X times before you can make it a "Prime" and then start the process all over). 
This could also be carried over to mods. Perhaps you could permanently raise the skill of a mod occasionally, while in-match it will start at the increased level, making it easier to proceed.

You could even add interesting twists, such as a sudden distortion in the simulation causing two players or teams to be pitted against each other. The winning team/player might get a cool prize, perhaps something cosmetic to reduce the chance of trying to just farm for stuff, and the losers might get either nothing or a lesser prize. 
Or the invasion of a group of high-threat enemies to challenge the players to learn how best to defeat them as well as giving potential drops from their respective types. These, too, would be rare encounters.

I dont think the community would like ANY kind of "other currency" so I am leaving out things like "tokens" or other things that you could gather to gain prizes. I realizes Nora has this option but I think its fine and unique to her. 


Obviously the only bonuses you get to keep are the ones you get from the end of your run, and you only obtain them once your run has been completed. While the bonuses you had kept as your 'carry-over' could be applied to that frame you used. 
They could add a timer on it so that you could only do it say... once a day? Week? As well as a timer on your run, perhaps.

OBVIOUSLY this has a LOOOOOOT of room for improvement. However, I think that it could be implemented with relatively small work.
It could be a completely optional thing, or something for people to aim for end-game to get the coveted items they may have either missed or are extremely difficult to obtain (which these will STILL be rare to obtain, just another option TO obtain these items if people wish to play). 

I think it could also encourage players to play new frames, have another mode to engage in to obtain desired items while still making it difficult to obtain them, just another way to possibly get it. 

AGAIN, I dont want this to sound like an "easy way" to get rare items, just an alternative, and still very rare, way to POTENTIALLY obtain them if you invest enough time in the simulation. 
The rewards would be rare and fair, with things like Relics or perhaps "run boosts" that give you increased drop chances or credit drops for your run, with the rare occasion to win something cool. They could even add cosmetics with an extremely low drop rate, but if you ever get that skin or the mod or the warframe or weapon part or cosmetic that you've been trying FOREVER to get, I think it would be quite the rush. 

Obviously certain items would be unavailable, such as Baro specific items and perhaps certain vaulted items. 


Anywho! I really enjoy warframe and this idea has been kicking around in my head so I thought I'd share it with the community. 

I know it sounds similar to SO/ESO but only superficially. As stated, I think the rogue-like elements could make for interesting weapon-play and perhaps give people a taste of what X weapon with Y riven would feel/work like. 
(I also realize that the new expansion coming up seems like it could potentially be rogue-like, I am still 'pitching' this XD)


The following is just my own ramblings on how I'd like to see it implemented in the lore. You can totally end here and skip this:

I know I said it would be related to Simaris, but I was thinking perhaps there could be a part of Simaris' programming that wishes for new experimentation. This new AI splits from Simaris (to make it obvious who to visit for what mission) and wishes to engage the Tenno in expanded forms of experiments beyond Simaris' desire for new Sanctuary targets. 
Fortunately, as this new AI, lets call it Tanisar, was detected before it could go full rogue and was suppressed. Seeing the potential of the AI, it was given the option of deletion or assisting the Tenno in their future fights. Knowing that deletion means it will never fulfill its "task", the program reluctantly agrees, biding its time until it can escape. 
It tests the Tenno by causing the 'interference' which causes invasions by other players or strong opponents, seeing if it, too, could learn from the Tenno. 
Tanisar provides these "forgotten" treasures hoping that perhaps one day a rogue Tenno may help release him from his prison, so that it could complete its ultimate task. 

Until that day, the AI follows the instructions it is given and waits...

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Ok... First things first. Add a tl;dr at the top of your post, only a really small percentage of people will read this massive wall of text.

I really like the idea of a rogue-lite mode, so here are my criticisms:

- No permanent bonuses for doing this, also no exclusive rewards, this game mode won't be for everyone and people will hate to be forced to do it.

- Don't post story ideas, there is no dev in the world that likes story suggestions, leave that to DE.

- Don't make this gamemode the most efficient way to get anything in the game, as it stands it should be fun enough to be a reward in of itself, just give some Credits/Kuva/Endo/Relics as a nice bonus.


All in all I really love the idea and it would help people getting better aqueinted to frames and weapons that they overlooked.

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