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Wukong Prime Access Xbox One missing stuff



It's on my alternate account FrozenMiasma not on my primary.


I just notice but I didnt received the Ephemera or the Kubro armor.

I only got Wukong Prime.

A Zhuge prime.

A Ninkondi Prime.

The platinum.

And the boosters.

Edited by (PS4)HellianKarmas
I forgot to log in with the account that got wukong prime access.
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7 minutes ago, (XB1)Baron von Usagi said:

You probably bought the wrong one. 

Also you look really familiar is FrozenMiasma your xbox account because i tried to sell something to you but you said nah. If not someone has that same name on xbox.

Probably oh no wait lol I said I will buy mag prime when I get the plat lol and I sure do now. With libe too XD

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