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Ember Rework suggestion


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 Ember Rework: 

Passive: With every enemy killed by embers abilities enemies will drop a pile of ash which can be picked up to increase the dmg of her abilities(scales infinitely) this will slowly decay over time it will be displayed at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and it will be shown as a flame that gets bigger and brighter as it increases will have four phases (this will cap but the numbers will scale past the fourth phases)


1st ability: *Fire ball* sends out multiple fireballs or on large fire ball that will seek out targets (# of fireballs will scale with power strength like up to 4-5) and will stick to targets sending them in to a frenzy, and if enemies touch one another the fire will spread to other enemies sending them into a frenzy.


2nd ability:New *Overheat* Ember will cast an aoe effect around her (scales with strenght mods) that will give her a dmg reduction(up to 85%) but as well as enemies that get in the aoe radius will be stunned for a short period of time and will receive more dmg to fire  (amount scales with power stength).(basically combining her old overheat with accelerant but improving it)


3rd ability:(changed to World on Fire) world on fire is now a toggle and will only drain energy when an enemy is killed by this ability. Also world on fire will start at a shortened range and will slowly increase as your passive grows but will decrease slowly when the numbers and meter decrease past the fourth phases.


4th ability:New *Solar Flare* Ember will sacrifice the buildup of her passive in an all out aoe explosion that will blind and and will proc fire that rivals that of the burning sun, searing through armor and shields doing direct damage to the enemies health 


4th ability Augment:New *Fusion Flare* Ember will also proc radiation damage to enemies as well as making enemies killed by her fusion flare ability have a 50% to drop double the amount of ash that is needed to fuel her passive


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I got my own opinion if its worth sharing.

Passive — whenever an enemy within a set range suffers fire damage you gain 2 armor/energy/health (Armor lasts 15 seconds) and the enemie will lose 2 armor. (0,2 second internal cooldown for the energy/armor/health gain not the armor)

1st — Flame geyser Select an area on the ground, when activated a flame geyser will appear at the area selected dealing fire damage to anyone that enters the zone and applies a flame status effect when they enter for 15 seconds(once per enemy). (up to 4 active at a time) ]

2nd- Accelerant" When used it will increase the fire damage enemy take by 150% and when it hits a flame geyser it will increase its effective range by 50%.

3rd — fire blast" When used it creates a big dome of flames around ember enemies affected by this will get the burning status effect and when it hits a flame geyser it will refresh its duration.

4th- Eruption" while channeled it Creates ruptures in the ground surrounding ember and her flame geysers, these ruptures will chase enemies and will erupt to the surface once they reach them dealing massive fire damage. Flame geyser also do not lose duration during the channel.

This would make here scale due to the armor loss all hostiles suffer and it will grant self sustain, it will also make her a great defense character.

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On 2019-07-28 at 3:20 AM, (PS4)MyUnhealthyHobby said:

Seriously, WOF and Fireball need to see themselves out of her kit. I don’t see why people want them to stay anymore? 

Because they are iconic fore her kit and theme? Fireball is a decent 1 skill. It's one handed so yo ucna use it while reloading without breaking the reload, does ok damage and the blast does minor cc. WoF does serious CC over a area, with decent damage. Whats wrong with them that they need to be changes to badly? the only one that really needs to find a place is fireblast that one has too much overlap.

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