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Ember Rework suggestion


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Ember Rework: 

Passive: With every enemy killed by embers abilities enemies will drop a pile of ash which can be picked up to increase the dmg of her abilities(scales infinitely) this will slowly decay over time it will be displayed at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and it will be shown as a flame that gets bigger and brighter as it increases will have four phases (this will cap but the numbers will scale past the fourth phases)


1st ability: *Fire ball* sends out multiple fireballs or on large fire ball that will seek out targets (# of fireballs will scale with power strength like up to 4-5) and will stick to targets sending them in to a frenzy, and if enemies touch one another the fire will spread to other enemies sending them into a frenzy.


2nd ability:New *Overheat* Ember will cast an aoe effect around her (scales with strenght mods) that will give her a dmg reduction(up to 85%) but as well as enemies that get in the aoe radius will be stunned for a short period of time and will receive more dmg to fire  (amount scales with power stength).(basically combining her old overheat with accelerant but improving it)


3rd ability:(changed to World on Fire) world on fire is now a toggle and will only drain energy when an enemy is killed by this ability. Also world on fire will start at a shortened range and will slowly increase as your passive grows but will decrease slowly when the numbers and meter decrease past the fourth phases.


4th ability:New *Solar Flare* Ember will sacrifice the buildup of her passive in an all out aoe explosion that will blind and and will proc fire that rivals that of the burning sun, searing through armor and shields doing direct damage to the enemies health 


4th ability Augment:New *Fusion Flare* Ember will also proc radiation damage to enemies as well as making enemies killed by her fusion flare ability have a 50% to drop double the amount of ash that is needed to fuel her passive

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Could we maybe replace her abilities with 1: The roof 2: Is on fire. 3: We don't need no water. 4: Let the mother ****er burn?

I kid. I would like it if there were some mechanic in play over all... Like the idea, similar to Saryn, is to get enemies burning, and your other skills are based on either spreading or increasing the fire, while your ultimate is built around really inflicting hard damage with it..... Like, casting 1 will cast a fire ball that will set the target on fire but also set near by targets on fire, based on range mods, her two could imbue your weapons with an effect that anything you attack while it is burning will take double damage from your weapon (as if they were being effected by viral) and anything you kill while burning will cause flames to spread to near by targets as long as the target dies from direct damage, not the fire DOT... 3 could be a defense skill that surrounds you with smoke, where in the more burning targets there are near by, the harder you are to hit with direct damage, and then four would be conflugration, which is a massive area control one and done power similar to miasma, where in all damage being dealt by fire is being shared equally to all other targets being effected by fire.... what i mean by that is kinda complicated to explain but sorta.... each target being effected by heat effects that damage to all other targets effected by heat... So lets say the power has a default setting of three seconds. Each target is taking 20 dps from your heat proc. So that 20 points will be shared to all other targets being effected by heat three times, once a second... but you have 100 targets being effected by heat procs, so every target effected will share the damage it is receiving to every other target that is also burning, meaning that the cumulative effect of all of that burning damage being shared would be significant, because it's not just one burning target dealing damage to every target, it's every burning target dealing damage to every other burning target. 

I can even imagine a circular "guage" icon at the bottom right with an arrow from green to angry red increasing with the number of enemies you have burning... I could easily see saryn and ember playing off each other because spore deaths could potentially cause fires to spread because the target didn't die from the heat procs, and heat deaths could cause spores to spread because they didn't die from the corrosive procs. Also, seeing as fire is useful on cloned flesh and corrosive eats most grineer armor, it would be a really good match for our cloned "friends"...

Yes i am essentially suggesting turning Ember's "active" 4 into a "nuke" 4 which people won't like but seeing as almost no one plays her anymore..

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