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Surround Sound front channel not working

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I've noticed that anything that happens directly in front of the camera doesn't seem to play at all. If my Kubrow is scraping at a locker or if the Nightwave radio is directly in front, no sound comes out of any speaker. I have to turn the camera to the side to hear the sounds.

I thought this was an issue with my streaming device, since a similar problem happens when I'm streaming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate which also supports surround sound, but normally the sounds play out fine on MH3U through the surround speakers whether the streaming device is attached or not.

Also, I've noticed that this game seems to play more quietly than other Switch titles, surround-supported or otherwise. Whereas a volume level between 20 and 30 on my sound system is comfortable for most other games, I have to turn it up to 40 on my sound system to play Warframe.

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