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Some interesting ideas


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Hello, best regards. Today I will make a publication to express some ideas and others to improve the emotion of the game, and also that my perspective is that Warframe is a game that can have great potential.

***IMPORTANT: I am a systems engineer, and I am from Latin America. Sorry but the images have texts in Spanish.

1 # Ship support bracelet


I thought we should have something like a bracelet in which we can manage all kinds of support for missions, one of them would be that the bracelet serves to show us the time of the open worlds so as not to depend on going to the orbiter or being in the Cities to know the time. Come one, we are ninjas of space with unlimited alien technology. 

This bracelet would also allow us to send a signal to the ship to senda beacon that will contain the arsenal of our ship, so that we can access all our equipment from any of the open worlds. You can only ask once for mission. The idea is to be able to change teams, in case of emergency in open world missions.





The menu is a colossal list and there are many places on the orbiter where you can easily access options, on the ship there are many places where you can place many options to reduce the huge amount of options we have in the menu of ESC.

It is a cancer to get to the option of decorating the orbiterand other aspects such as selecting the orbiter tipe and decorating both .. for this reason I thought of something like that ..




Soon we will reach the most anticipated updates of the game (EMPYREAN). This is a breakthrough for war, however, we only have one mission that gives experience. And Not everyone can resist in that place. You They must make us love the missions of the space wings.

The vast majority of players do not like these kinds of missions that require a lot of effort to updespite the difficulty of the environment. Space missions are excellent but they are very repetitive. It is excellently designed from the beginning. but In addition, underwater missions are a waste when an EXP is spoken. In anyting than they cant win EXP in someting missions. As it is in the case of OPHELIA - URANO.

The only place where you can upload the exp level medium is:




Warframe is and will always be the best in its genre, but in my opinion it has a huge problem, and it is that it is too repetitive. I propose as a single mission but long and difficult. Go to 10 times for parts of a warframe one after another does not sound like something interesting. It involves killing the same boss in the same place.

This Bosses are hard kill, and  parts drop repeated:




Both the orbiter and the navigation system are too simple and old for the work so great that it has the rest the game. the orbiter is super simple and we only have available to see the space in the front and only a little in the room where the somacordium is ...

I know they than you are working in this, but..

We seek to see the space in all its forms, appreciate the galaxy and the entire artistic world that exists in supernovae and galaxies.

I think I speak for everyone in requesting that the space be more spectacular and that it is also possible for us to enjoy even more of space. we want more glass to be able to appreciate more all the work they have done. 

Dojos also need more vision outside space. 

I createda prototype of what in my perspective, Is the command of the orbiter's ship:


Obviously everything would not go as near as in the image since we must remember that we would have 180 degrees to locate everything in the image.



The loading screen is a disaster and even if it is only visible for a few seconds it is out of logic, it is always a blue sky when you leave a mission. This have it the effect of than allways we are on earth.  Both when leaving and entering fram the mission there should be something like this:


This is my orbiter..


To get the idea that we are in space using one Travel through an Einstein Rosen hole.

Finally ...

I hope that my ideas serve as inspiration to make it reality, with all the love they deserve for this magnificent game. a hug for the whole team of designers and directors. And congratulations for this job.

I have never see a game as this... This game have my 5 stars and 10 points.

I am a developer of games and player.

With much dear..

ATT: -VaroH-

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I like a lot of the suggestions here, and agree with much of the criticisms. Here are my thoughts on each of the individual points:

#1 Ship Support Bracelet

These are perhaps the suggestions I agree the least with. I don't necessarily believe we need a dedicated option to view System-wide timers within missions, and while swapping out our arsenal could perhaps be okay in really big levels like the Vallis or Plains (and that I think might be done better through some dedicated points rather than a summonable item), I feel swapping out our equipment within a mission dilutes some of the impact of choosing a loadout for said mission.

#2 Too many options in the menu

This I agree with 100%. The menu is used far too often as a dumping grounds for various options, to the point where it's become such a clutter of menus and sub-menus that one has to sometimes look up online where to find the right option. I fully agree that the option to decorate our Orbiter should be a contextual button press within the Orbiter itself, and I think the same can be said for polychrome colors in the Dojo as well.

#3 Archwings and Archmelee

I also agree here, Archwing content is currently super-repetitive, and the only real way of accruing Affinity at a satisfying rate is Salacia. Hopefully Empyrean will fix some of this, but in general I think Archwing content overall is currently poorly done and needs a rework. Archwing is getting a gameplay/movement rework, and with that I'd like to get rid of dedicated Archwing missions, and replace those instead with Empyrean content, while letting us use Archwing as part of regular content in the right situations (with better Affinity gains across the board).

#4 Get Warframes

I agree with this point as well, and I think there are two problems at hand: on one hand, far too many of our frames are just pure random loot drops when they really deserve to have their own dedicated quests: Chains of Harrow for example is one of my favorite quests in the game, and while Harrow's parts themselves are RNG drops (which I'm not a fan of), the quest really helped hype up the frame and encourage me even further to farm it. I dislike the fact that DE's abandoned quests for their most recent frames, and while I understand it's because they're pooling efforts into other major content updates, it still feels like a step back, especially when several of those frames also feel lackluster and half-finished (e.g. Khora or Baruuk). The other problem here is that DE tried to implement some sort of token system to access Kela de Thaym and Ambulas, which I think is a terrible idea that has failed to make players play that much more, in spite of how annoying the restrictions are for people farming the frame parts. Sargas Ruk I think is okay though, even though the boss himself is a mess of different types of invulnerability (though he can still be one-shot with a well-modded burst weapon and a damage buff).

#5 "What I consider most important"

I very much agree that our current environment really doesn't do a good job of letting us appreciate the world we're in. Thankfully, the Orbiter redesign will improve upon this, but I also agree that the Dojo could also do a better job as well, as it offers little to no outside view (though this is also because the game's current tile-based level tech means that the game doesn't render other tiles, and thus can't make them visible even if we're meant to be looking at them from another tile). I think the OP's image suggestion is a little cluttered, and itself mostly obscures the outside, but I can very much agree to making more of the front of our Orbiter see-through, so that we can look all around to see where we are.

#6 Load Screen

I don't agree with the new proposed loading screen, but I do agree that our current version has aged a bit, and isn't especially impressive. Again, I hope Empyrean addresses some of this by making for a better transition in-between missions, though my ideal would be to have a true visual representation of us arriving at our mission destination from space, i.e. by having our landing craft take us from our Orbiter to the planet, and travel through its atmosphere right down to the mission location.

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