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After All This Time And 600 Runs Spanning Over A Month :')


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That is a really nice green!

infested pack?

yep :)


Ah, so you chose Swindle.

I have both alternate helms, and the only reason I use Essence over Swindle is because of power efficiency, which I find more useful than range.

Slightly off topic, what was your starter frame?

mag , but sold her for gaining mag prime

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Eh, but still, No one should be forced to do 600 runs for a frame...

RNG is RNG , i was not forced to do 600 runs hell all my other frames took me well under 100 , i choose to farm for this long because i wanted loki to complete my warframe collection


either way there have been many others that have been lucky with a certain frame and some that have not its just up to them if they want to continue try to get the pieces to complete the puzzle

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Wow. How didn't you get bored?


mate your asking a guy that has been playing since the start of update 4 when it was in closed beta testing , honestly i have no freaking clue how i did not get board farming loki let alone to the point the entire game , however resetting my account seemed to have take away some of that board-um but that was ages ago and i pretty much have everything now

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