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Should Wukong have at least one CC ability?


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I feel as though he's a Frame that doesn't know what it wants to be. It gets a distraction (1), can turn into a cloud, but not really (2), Can soak up some bullets and retaliate (3) and finally gets his signature move (4). Yet only two of these are useful. As a total rework, I'd suggest replacing Cloud Walker and either make it an actual cloud that Wukong perches upon, that also strikes all enemies underneath it (as Wukong fully controls its movements) with Lightning AoE damage, or replace it entirely with a cloud that does the same thing but on its own with proper target seeking. 

Wukong is great, but he's also not. Half and half, imo. 

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Well, with the augment for his first ability you can indeed add CC to his skill set. I prefer Primal Rage however.

His cloud walker also has a limited and imo almost useless CC, but that's not the reason most of us use that ability so I don't see an issue with that.

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Sounds like he already fills that role.

1. Celestial Twin could use some AI improvements, but is a decent specter ability

2. Cloud Walker heals based on distance covered, and can open up enemies to finishers, while making your twin invulnerable

3. Defy absorbs damage to attack enemies with, and gives an armor buff, just needs an increase in duration

4. Primal Fury is an exalted staff that tests out the new melee combo, and has good critical potential with Primal Rage, while also having semi-useful CC combos

All in all, a pretty good melee frame. If you need to add something to his kit, try using some of his augments; Celestial Stomp for a ground slam, Enveloping Cloud for invisibility, whatever they are going to add for Defy, and the above mentioned Primal Rage.

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You can use his augment if you really need CC, but even then cloud walker with some range can also stun enemies. He already does a lot of things, tanking, damage and is basically self sustaining. Giving him even more power would be to much, as I always say we dont need another octavia.

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I use Cloudwalker to get between places, in and out of action, and CC.

I use Defy to CC and slay lesser plebs while increasing my own tankiness and proc-ing Adaption Mod so that I can survive whatever that is left alive and still shooting at me (e.g. Nox)

I regularly get most kills and reach the extraction before even the team's Saryn and Equinox in exterminate

If you are looking for a 15 to 30 second permastun like Limbo or Rhino (with duration + range) or Nova, or Vauban, then obviously, go for them, not Wukong. They are there to bunker down and hold the fort.

Wukong gives you 2 to 5 seconds of knowdown or disorientation on nearby enemies through his Cloudwalker and Defy, more than enough time to follow up with a few swings of the Iron Staff, orange and red crits flying away, slaying everything. 

Wuclone helps take out whatever you overlooked. 


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7 hours ago, Spudarcade123 said:

Yet only two of these are useful

Which two, because I'll happily say that he has 4 useful abilities.

His 1 is not just a distraction, it's an aggressive source of damage, doubles the output of your 3, and has infinite ammo when you switch to melee, meaning that it can use some (not all) of the best weapons in game in an amazing fashion.

His 2 is not just an evasion, it's a source of healing for both him and his clone, and it's also a source of instant damage when combined with melee because it can stun enemies and open them to Finishers. It's also really high mobility that I, and many other players, are learning to use to not only navigate through missions insanely fast, but also complete things like Spy vaults nearly instantly.

His 3 is, arguably, the weakest ability in the set, being only a taunt, deal damage and gain Armour, but for as much as it does and with the potential damage output from both you and the Clone it is a solid ability that stands quite well in the game.

And his 4 is easily one of the strongest Ability weapons in game right now. It doesn't have the range of a Peacemaker, the instant point DPS of Artemis Bow or the Dex Pixia, nor the ability to pass through walls like Exalted Blade, but it doesn't need any of those to be great, it's a high range, scaling melee on an incredibly fast and survivable frame.

I've been using him fairly regularly since the rework, both for testing and just for fun, and I'm very satisfied with the rework he's had.

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