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Looking for some Help with Dojo


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Hello everyone I've started a new clan recently with the news of Emperyan coming out. I feel like with such a big change coming to the game that there will he alot of change in infrastructure and clans. But back to the point I'm not posting a recruitment ad. In fact I'm in progress of building my treasury. And I'm asking for some simple help. I'd like people to join for maybe a few days then donate as much building resources(including forma) as they possibly can. I dont have any way of paying you besides offering you a place in the clan and possibly getting you something you want later on down the line. But I will say i want my clan to be unique, fun, and I when they see the dojo it reflects that exact character. But I need help. And I'm reaching out to my community now to see if anyone willing. I'm play on Xbox and my gamertag is the same as the name you see here. If you feel like donating feel free to message me so I can get you an invite.

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