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Nightwave Acts are all completed despite only completing one recovered Act


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I finished all the Nightwave Acts for the week of July 21st to July 27th and received one recovered Act to help Clem. After completing this recovered Act on Sunday morning EST, July 28th, it showed as completed, along with all other Acts from the current week, but I received no other recovered Acts. After a relog, the recovered Clem Act was gone, and instead there were all the completed Acts from the current week, as well as 3 'recovered' Acts that showed up as completed despite me not completing them or having played in the past week. The 3 recovered Acts were Earth Fisher, Sortie Specialist and Eximus Eliminator. I'm not sure which week those Acts were from, but I certainly hadn't completed them or played Warframe at all in the week before this current one. So currently I have 7 completed Acts from this week, 3 completed 'recovered' Acts that I definitely didn't complete, and no other open recovered Acts.


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