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Make Zephyr!! Great Again. im begging you.


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When i start playing warframe, after i get the archwing i mostly enjoy using zephyr on plains of eidolons cause gives you something that other warframes cant offer you, so when you try zephyr out of eidolons, really suck, cause the parkour can be kind of meessed up cause you cant fly or try to move withouth crash on a wall or lose time triying to reoriented zephyr(is worse than play flappy bird every time you pik her).

So....  i was try to imagine what could be a cool stuff:

#supose can strive-lean intead of roolling while are on air, or make some colision adjust like i see on gauss-titania recently, but its up to you.

1. if you charge your fisrt ability while you on air, while be awesome to get de floating thing instead of throw you more up cause dont make sense, the jump thing is awesome just by passing once the button is presed. (also if you can move, whe you get the floating thing, more than only need to push the 1rst ability, i hope all could agree be simply wonderfull!!).

2. ok i got the point of the second ability, but  really the tornados are soooooooooo sloooooowwwwww, so .... i know we can manage to slowly move the tornados with the aim, but i hope all could agree if you put a "mod" for your second ability also can redirect tornados more fast if you keep it presed down the button, like octavias  can comand the resonator.

3. i think no body would say any retro about their 3rd ability, cuase its broken, but could be awesome if we! can manage air!, the atack speed of the weapons should be more quick , gonna be kind of dope.

4. ok i get the idea of the tornados on the 4 ability but , the visuals can be disapointing, also i think can be more rewarding see how the tornados going out from zephyr going bigger while casting like a circle, and then taking their position, also 1 big desctrutive tornado animation around zephyr (can be usefull cause sometimes you are sorroundend and want see fly the enemies far, and when you see your tornado was cast 10 meter away is like , im a potato!!.(i know you can use your 2 ability but im triying to remark  when you corned up more than just a bunch of enemies in front.)) after the litte ones take form and the bigger tornado aura arround disapear. 

i hope you like my ideas, and can be rude with me, im just tired of using zephyr and feel wish more a game crash, instead i supose my opinion IS NEARLY MORE: Light-footed and graceful, the beautiful and deadly Zephyr is in her element while airborne. With the power to bend air currents, she is an agile skyterror who delivers swift judgement from above.


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Hi, I'm Birdframe_Prime, and I mostly approve this message.

So, here's the plan I've had for... exactly a week since her rework in 2018 for her Tailwind, and some ideas I've had since 2016 for the rest of her kit.

This little bit is how I've been pitching we should fix Tailwind, because you're almost exactly on the right point here, I'm impressed. To anyone that knows me, you may have seen this pop up elsewhere, it's consistent.


Step 1. Remove the Animation from Tailwind. Make it a simple jet-propel in any direction in pretty much the same way just debuted on Gauss. Removing the animation allows Zephyr to use her existing in-air steering to make adjustments to her direction, it also allows reloads and re-casts of other abilities.

Step 2. Switch the Modding. Currently Tailwind is a Duration cast, just like Turbulence and Tornado. To get the most out of the latter two abilities you cannot get the most usability out of the former. It helps for Open Worlds, but that's literally it. If we took the existing functions, the distance we travel and the momentum afterwards and switch those to Range and Strength, we have a customisable ability for use anywhere.

For reference, Range is something people like a lot of on Zephyr, although more niche builds use Neutral range, it's a variable stat. Strength is something we can leave on Zephyr unless we're using her Augments for Funnel Clouds or Jet Stream, so again, variable. By having Tailwind's initial travel distance based on Range, and the Momentum we preserve after it based on Strength (where Neutral is 50% conservation and getting to 201% Strength is 100% conservation).

What this means is that you can have a Tailwind that's long-range, but slows you down afterwards for time to do other things, or a Tailwind that's short range, but you carry on for longer afterwards. You can even go for Negative strength and have a Tailwind that functions like an Operator Dash.

Step 3. Move Dive Bomb into her Passive. It doesn't deal enough damage, it doesn't reliably CC, it could have been a great stand-alone ability if they'd just buffed it, but since they put in Air Burst, let Dive Bomb pass. Simply make it add a small amount of damage to the base damage of any Heavy Ground Slam attack, so that with the Melee modding, it actually makes every hit better. And keep the custom animation too, so Zephyr has that unique part of her still.

Step 4. The Hover needs to become a tool for better Mobility, not anti-mobility. With Dive Bomb now not on the ability, change the Hover to a half-second hold (like the other tap/hold casts in game) and give it a base Duration that we can mod for. Then let us cast it while moving. Yes make it interrupt things like reload or other functions, but let us run around charging it instead of squatting like we're going to fart out the lifting gas. Allow us to cast it in-air where it locks us in place as an air brake. It then lets us make almost tactical movements in the air, using Tailwind to go a distance and Hover to actually hover at the destination. We also get a timer and an audio cue for it ending.

Step 5. Target Fixation needs to be changed to affect something else other than the Damage part of Tailwind. Even with an Umbral Jet Stream build on Zephyr, giving me nearly 1000 damage on the cast when you actually hit somebody, even the band-aid of letting us have a 2 second grace period before the buff resets (as in the planned DevWorkshop thread) will not make this augment do any real damage. It just won't. With 2 seconds grace I'm fairly sure that I could make the buff on Target Fixation last an entire Exterminate mission, but at no point would that damage scale enough to actually kill an enemy.

Make it function as a timed buff; hit an enemy with Tailwind and you gain X seconds of damage buff. This buff is increased by the amount of enemies you hit in a single Tailwind. Although the Duration isn't affected by the number of enemies hit, or Modding, so it stays consistent for how often you have to hit enemies with the ability.

With those changes, we would have a far more usable Tailwind, your idea of using the Hover in air, and while moving, is right there too. It's a little more in depth than your suggestion, but that's because I've had longer to work on it.

As for the rest of her kit, let's look at Airburst:

Currently it's just a knock-down and rag doll. The affect it has on Tornado (throwing it at Tornado makes the funnels taller... just.. taller) and it travels incredibly slowly for a projectile attack.

Speed up the projectile and give the AoE an actual effect, such as a short duration Lift (like the Zaw Arcane that lifts enemies in a line after you bullet/double jump). Rag doll is not a useful state to be in for follow up attacks, but a Lift is a very useful hold on enemies and will allow players to freely attack them, meaning it's a great actual Crowd Control function.

The 'synergy' with Tornado doesn't actually do anything. Taller funnels do not actually have a better function, they're exactly the same as they were before. The only place this is in any way useful is if you're using the Funnel Clouds augment and you return the funnels to normal size so you can feed damage into them over the heads of enemies for the AoE damage spread. But that is an incredibly marginal bonus.

Casting one ability into another should actually produce something with an effect that's functionally worth the extra cost, and whether that's something like a base movement speed boost, or a larger area of capture, or even a fixed minimum duration on captured enemies (holding them in the air for a minimum time to give better chance of killing them).

For Turbulence though... it's really powerful against the most dangerous types of enemies (projectiles being just turned off for her is, as you pointed out, pretty broken, but it works). All I'd change about it is a quality-of-life fix that gives us an audio cue for when the ability ends, similar to abilities like Vex Armour.

And then for Tornado... Okay here's what I'd do:


It needs to not pick up dead bodies, specifically drop ones that were living and are now dead.

The funnels still have the base problem they always did of wandering off. Just because we have a function to aim and send them where we want doesn't actually fix this, because it only affects the closest funnel to the point of our aim. I spent a long time trying to shepherd the funnels around and it just doesn't work better than simply shooting the enemies.

Funnels need to spawn at the location we cast them, not on enemies up to the full Range away, meaning that funnels can easily spawn 50m apart and around corners or up stairs.

Then we limit the range that funnels can wander away from the casting location. We already have the re-cast, make it actually function for something by giving us an area that the funnels patrol in and can't leave, giving us area denial and CC we can almost rely on instead of the current 'now where did they go?' situation.

This way, we cast Tornado where we want it, can change the element of all four funnels, then it moves outwards to target enemies in range of the casting point, never going more than your actual Range away from the starting point. If you give it a minimum base range (where modding can't make it lower, similar to Volt's minimum stun duration on his 4) you can't exploit it by using negative range to make a little stationary crowd of funnels for true area denial.

The reason I don't support a large single Tornado is multi-faceted. The first is because that would be in one way a functional nerf; by losing three sources of damage, you would cover less area and you would not be as able to re-position it.

The second reason is why you wouldn't be able to cover more area or re-position the large Tornado; it would actually be too powerful to move or give better range to. You would be able to cast it over defense points and have a hybrid ability between Vauban's Bastille and Frost's Snow Globe. Enemies wouldn't be able to shoot into it, because you can't shoot through a Tornado funnel, and enemies wouldn't be able to approach because it lifts and controls enemies.

So we can't make Tornado too powerful when she already has Turbulence as an ability that prevents enemies from shooting anything she's standing next to already ^^ But you're not wrong that it needs a functional buff. That's where I've tried my method.

What do you think?

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Im agree with step one, but i hard believe they just quit and put some other stuff, cause gonna need be tested and going to take a lot of time more, at expense of just fix little things witn existing tools from another frames.

i got you on the idea on step 2 of need some value to justify tailwind, but the mess is on colision cause you speed up the frame in a second.

the 3rd and 4 is the same recall we are doing about 1rst and seocnd with some ideas for replace that.

im disagre with the 5 cause if they add the hover-floating going to be more easy get the count up (with some weapons), unlees the dont change that, and dont have other ways to get more time or flexible control movement on the air, im gonna recall again what you are noticing.

and for the tornado thing  im agree totally with you, but i need recall the fact when you cast it need push away enemies on 3-5 meters away on the place of initial cast, cause that way , can suport you and your friends while casting it(cause the actuall way the tornado works kind of messy, but if  we recall what you are saying from a reworked tornado maybe its not necesary.), i was more talking about the animations , that we like to see more, like on cast i see 4 tornados from nowhere trowned away in ablink with nonsense(or maybe just  one rapid spin from the tornados around you, but im suggesting animation.)

i THANK you  a lot for the reply and, im just want to see more love on zephyr, cause i love the idea of what can do, i understand your point, so for me is just wait, but if i can help someway count on me. cheers, have fun. we can make the mess less stress out xD AND Laught Later.



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