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ESO and SO Zone bug


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I been playing this game awhile now and still enjoy gaming but recently after a few updates i have noticed a bug in onslaughts. This is important to fix as the focus tree is a important part of the game and recently i had an issue were i started the gamemode as i cleared Zone 1 it froze on this zone, same points and no rewards throughout to zone 8 sometimes further. At first i thought it was my issue but i realised this aint happened before and when i asked others globally in team up if they had same issue, they responded to YES and quickly left. I dont usually spend money ingames unless its something i wanted, and i spent roughly £200 last month to buy cosmetic packs and some renowns as thats all i buy with cash in warframe. I had 180 days of affinity booster so i can max out my focus tree's but i only been able to grind atleast 4 days of ESO in total due to this bug, i lost interest in grind it to recieve no rewards, stuck on zone 1 and walk away very little focus as though im stuck on zone 1, i now have 165 days of booster left and almost 2 weeks wasted. PLEASE FIX THIS, its not right that myself and others have spent only going to lose days, weeks on half a year of booster to this bug.

I dont have access to URL but i have images in same team via psn and on my phone.

Please address this, 

Thanks Fire_Hawk_82

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