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Warframe: Reimagined [MASSIVE CONCEPT LIST]


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Imagine waking up in a rapidly expansive universe, the likes of which you barely remember but, for all intents and purposes, you've never seen before. A place full of ancient artifacts, spacecraft, technological advancements as far as the eye can see. A place where danger lurks at every corner, and you'll need to learn how to defend yourself, lest you become assimilated like the rest of the solar system. A place where friends and allies will accompany you to the very end. A place where life-long enemies swear to hunt you down and provide consequences for your actions.

Well, if you're reading this right now, it would seem you already know of a place like this, don't you, Tenno?

Warframe: Reimagined is a list of QoL changes, revamps of pre-existing mechanics, and all new additions to an already expansive universe that I've been working on for the past 7 days, and I can't wait to share my ideas with you! So I hope you guys enjoy!




The Arsenal is the foundation upon which strong Tenno are built. Here are a list of changes to be made to it to maximize its potential:

- Loadout-specific gear wheels, so that you can bring what's needed for a specific Warframe/weapon/companion combination.

- Ability to hide weapons you've mastered, and showcased weapons you've added Catalysts to (since you can already see how many Forma you've added to a weapon)


- Ability to change the landing craft air support charge ability without changing the landing craft (assuming you own a landing craft with a separate ability)

- Operator loadouts, that change not only clothes, but also facial appearances and Amps.


(I apologize for present and future crappy concept art)

- A feature that allows the player to assign passive syndicate standing to a Warframe, instead of having to wear a sigil in order to do so (assuming you initiated with said syndicate)

- Showcasing hidden stats for certain weapons (Mutalist Cerno's toxin cloud damage, Heat Sword ground slam, etc.)

- Showcasing minimum/maximum range for melee weapons in meters, and how it's affected by range mods like Reach

- The ability for Sentinel weapons and Warframes to utilize the same sets of mods

- The ability to utilize both a beast (kubrow/kavat/tamed animal <- we'll get to this later) and a robot (Sentinel/MOA)


- Polarizing (Forma'ing) a Warframe takes away the affinity, but allows access to all abilities so you don't have to unlock them again

- A suggestion inspired by @BloodKitten: Exalted weapons can be utilized by Warframes if they don't have energy or a melee weapon equipped (a la Garuda's Talons), but with drawbacks 

- Excalibur's EB will not shoot waves 

- Wukong's Iron Staff has less range

- Valkyr's Talons don't provide lifesteal or invulnerability

- Baruuk's Desert Wind's waves don't move as far

- Artemis Bow only shoots one arrow instead of five (not accounting for her Augment)

Also, Exalted Weapons can be set to be exempt from the new Melee's ability to get out of the ability to shoot guns, with the ability still draining energy

- The ability to fight with an Unarmed melee weapon if you equip no weapons (universal "exalted" melee weapon with its own stance and stats)


- New players gain access to the entirety of the Classic color palette, instead of one puny line

- Armors and syandanas get placement sliders (X/Y/Z) to help streamline how they look on differently armored Warframes

- Two types of random color assignment: the current one we have now, which pulls from only one palette at a time, and a new completely random one, which pulls colors from all palettes



There are now three augments per ability per Warframe (40 x 4 x 3 = 480 total), but they’re not mods anymore; they are arcane-like installments that change the ability’s properties

Take Excalibur for example:

Slash Dash

Surging Dash: increases casting speed and allows each enemy hit to add to the Melee Combo Counter, but decreases damage

Exalted Lunge: instead of automatically dashing between enemies, Excalibur surges straight forward, a la the old Slash Dash. Longer casting time, but higher damage

Razor Wind: Replaces Slash Dash with Razor Wind. Swing with the Exalted Blade once, creating an energy wave with infinite range and punch through. Damage scales off EB mods

Radial Blind

Radiant Finish: decreases casting speed, but increases finisher damage on blinded enemies

Purifying Light: instead of blinding enemies, it heals all allies within Affinity Range and clears status effects. Can be held to heal more health at the cost of expending more energy

Radial Mine: sticks Exalted Blade into the ground, drawing enemy attention and causing them to attack it. When the blade takes enough damage or duration runs out, it explodes, blinding and dealing proportionate damage

Radial Javelin

Furious Javelin: each enemy hit increases melee damage by X%, depreciating over time by 1% per second

Blade Shield: surrounds himself with Javelins, granting X% damage reduction. When deactivated, the Javelins disperse, dealing proportionate damage based on damage taken

Sword Recall: doubles number of Javelins but decreases damage. Every enemy hit by a javelin, that’s not killed, is teleported over to Excalibur’s melee range, allowing him to deal with them up close and personal

Exalted Blade

Chromatic Blade: Emissive color of Excalibur dictates elemental damage, increases status chance

Exalted Odachi: Replaces Exalted Blade with Exalted Odachi. Excalibur wields a two-handed nikana of pure energy, with its own stats and stance

Exalted Shockwave: can only be cast in the air; when cast, releases a gigantic shockwave of energy (kinda like the one in a certain CGI trailer) that deals damage based on mods equipped


Augment slots can be obtained by the following:

- Leveling a new Warframe to 30 grants you one

- Installing an Orokin Catalyst grants you another one

- Forma’ing it twice grants you with the last two

You can only slot in one augment per ability, but can have multiple augments if they’re all for different abilities





Foundry Upgrade Segment - would cost a lot of resources, but would allow blueprints to build 20% faster, and allow for an automatic foundry queue

- Priority/favorite/starred tab, highlight certain blueprints and it adds them to their own category

- A suggestion inspired by @Jarl_Baalin: The ability to hide unused or operation-specific blueprints (like Razorback Ciphers)

- Checking a prime Warframe/weapon blueprint requirements lets you know which relics you need to find the certain part

- Foundry, inventory, and the arsenal let a player know whether or not a weapon is required to build another one / whether or not a Warframe/weapon blueprint comes from a quest and shouldn’t be sold for credits

- Forma build time cut from 24 hours to 12: if it's a resource that important, it shouldn't take that long to build (Alternatively, you could fit this feature behind the Upgrade Segment)





Ordis can be accessed in the main menu, and can be the Siri/Cortana/Alexa of the Orbiter, by helping with:


  • Telling you which planet resources are from
  • Giving a quick overview of a Warframe’s/weapon’s stats
  • Telling you which primed Warframes and weapons are vaulted
  • Comparing the stats of two weapons/Warframes
  • Giving you the EHP of a completely Codex scanned enemy by level
  • Telling you how to combine elements
  • Telling you which elements are most effective against an enemy
  • Giving you a brief rundown of each MR test, fit with tips


Just to name a few features. Just like other personal assistants, you can ask him trivial questions, access easter eggs and references, and play games with him. 



- Typing in the chat command /rules gives a list of things you’re NOT allowed to say, and WHY, so that there’s no excuse to using those words

- Trade Chat filter can be filtered in three ways, Custom (setting your own keywords), Riven-Only (only shows messages with Riven Mod links), or Rivenless (exempts messages with Riven Mod links)

- Chat gives a countdown timer for how long someone is suspended, what they said to get suspended, and WHY what they said is against the /rules, so that there's no vagueness




- Samodeus will allow you to lock a stat on a certain riven for an ungodly amount of Kuva

- Samodeus will also allow you to set your own stats on a unveiled riven, along with which Weapon you wish to assign the riven to

- This method is costly in Endo, Kuva, and time

- Amounts depend on the stats, the weapon you're assigning it to, and such

General Mods:

All base mods are now incorporated into all Warframes/companions/weapons automatically, and are thus removed from the grand Mod spectrum. Such mods include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Base survivability mods (Vitality, Redirection, Steel Fiber)
  • Flow (other power boosting mods, like Intensify and Streamline, won’t be incorporated)
  • Rush
  • Base damage mods (Hornet Strike, Serration, Pressure Point, Point Blank)
  • Base magazine capacity mods (Slip Magazine, Ammo Stock, Magazine Warp)
  • Base fire rate mods (Gunslinger, Speed Trigger, Shotgun Spazz, Rush) 
  • Base ammo maximum mods (Ammo Drum, Shell Compression, Trick Mag)
  • Vaccum/Fetch
  • Sentinel/MOA/animal precepts
  • The above base survivability and damage mods that apply to companions


The following are examples of mods that will NOT be innately incorporated, and can still be added as mods into weapons:


  • Mods affecting critical chance and critical damage
  • Nightmare mods
  • Corrupted (Derelict Vault) mods
  • Mods affecting status chance
  • Peculiar mods
  • Umbral mods
  • Prime mods


Umbral/Prime mods will not be additive to their respective stats, but would rather replace the current “streamlined” mod with the one you installed. For example:

  • Installing Umbral Vitality will replace the “pre-installed” Vitality mod’s stats with its own stats, increasing vitality, granting Tau resistance, and acting according to its Mod Set passive

Aura Mods will be streamlined so that everyone of them grants +9 Mod Capacity instead of just our knight in shining armor, Steel Charge, allowing for more build potential and variety



- Neo and Axi relics have a chance of granting fully-built Forma instead of the blueprint, just like how T3 and T4 Void Towers used to provide full-fledged Forma

- Orokin Prime Vaults - Derelict-like vaults that require keys to open and contained either Nightmare mods or vaulted relics (if Derelicts are just old, infested Void towers, then how come we only see vaults in those ones and not the pristine Void ones?)

- Orokin Void Puzzle Rooms have a chance of rewarding you with a vaulted Relic



- Void Relic UI automatically displays which Relics are vaulted





All 6 main Syndicates will receive a 6th and final ranking


New Offerings:

  • Syndicate-specific Cosmetic Armor Set
  • Syndicate operative who hangs around your Orbiter and can be brought to battle with you (a companion who doesn't require constant attention)
  • Syndicate-specific Ephemera
  • Syndicate-specific Archwing, with its own design, passive, and abilities




The Starchart has a lot of potential for new mission types. Here are just a few examples:

Blacklist: Lotus (for all intents and purposes) creates a list of high-priority enemies for you to exterminate, but it needs to be done stealthily

  • Sorta like Spy, you enter a room where the target is located, and eliminate them with either a Finisher or a headshot with a strong, single-target weapon like a sniper
  • If the enemies find out you’re there, the target will try and flee with an escape pod, you can kill them then but you won’t be rewarded as heavily
  • You get two targets minimum, four maximum
  • If all your targets get away, it’s a mission failure
  • If all your targets get killed in non-stealthy ways, you’ll have to Exterminate the rest of the tileset so that they can’t report back
  • Anything in between, and you can head to extraction
    • Sortie-Variant: Four targets, all requiring stealth takedowns. If one of them notices you and escapes, it’s game over

Espionage: An Exterminate mission with fewer enemies, but with stealth encouraged. If the alarms on the tileset go off, it’s a mission failure. 

  • Tileset is focused more around vents, cameras, door traps, etc
  • Enemies become suspicious at the sounds of footsteps and vents opening
  • Enemies have a bigger cone of detection
    • Sortie-Variant contains as much enemies as a regular Extermination mission

Whitelist: An opposite Blacklist, your goal is to escort Tenno operatives off of the ship while protecting them from enemy forces

  • VIPs have little health, can’t carry weapons, and will walk from their spawn point to their extraction point
  • Once a VIP in its room is found, the alarms in the tileset trigger, and enemies pursue you both
  • If hit, the VIP enters a bleedout state of 20 seconds, which decreases by 4 seconds for every other time it's revived and incapacitated again (minimum of 4 seconds)
  • One VIP minimum, three maximum, once they’re all safely extracted, you’re free to go
    • Sortie-Variant: Three VIPS, VIP bleedout state is locked to 4 seconds

- One specific Mission Type per planet (kinda like Jupiter’s Disruption or Eris' Infested Salvage)



New Troops per Faction:


  • Rook: heavy troop that wields a gigantic transparent shield and no weapons, buffs enemies behind it
  • Demoman: medium troop that attacks using several explosive grenades, incendiary grenades, ice grenades, and smoke grenades (disable abilities), at a certain health threshold, they’ll suicide bomb the enemy
  • Practitioner: heavy troop that can inject fellow Grineer with syringes that either heal, increase damage output, or make them immune to statuses. Can revive one troop if their body is still intact
  • Promoter: light unit, combat morale booster who chants Grineer propaganda, boosting speed and damage of units in a decent ranged aura around him, wields the Nukor


  • Disabler Osprey: flying support unit that uses magnetic pull to yank weapons from Tenno and disarm them
  • Prodman Student: a heavy melee unit utilizing the Prova in more advanced ways, like shooting electric waves and creating shockwaves in the ground
  • Protector MOA: a biped proxy with a built-in shield, can elongate the shield to match the length of its tileset, buffs the projectiles shot through it by Corpus
  • Domestikaze: a “Volatile Crawler”-type enemy, a Domestik Drone rigged to explode rushes the Tenno down




  • Tosser: instead of the Runners and Chargers being given ranged attacks for unreachable Tenno, the Tosser will default as the common light Infested ranged unit, tossing balls of flesh at opponents from afar
  • Ancient Tosser: a heavy ranged unit that shoots balls that explode into clouds of biogas, dealing Toxin damage and disabling abilities
  • Creeper: flat infested entity that embeds itself to the wall or floor: on the wall, it can shoot corrosive liquid at Tenno, on the floor, it deals Slash procs to Tenno who walk over it


Instead of enemies battling in gigantic, unorganized hordes (save for the Infested), they will battle in smart, Tactical Formations based on the enemies available

Grineer Formations

  • Medium units fire in triangle formation while light melee units charge the enemy all at once
  • If a heavy unit is available, like a Bombard or a Heavy Gunner, they will be the “vertex” of the triangle
  • Melee units will typically take cover behind lone Rooks, Shield Lancers, or heavy units
  • A rook can be substituted for either 5 shield lancers, or 5 blunts


Corpus Formations

  • Corpus units more focused on lines and squares
  • Normal crewman fire while heavy crewman or specialist units (like Bursas or Scarmbuses) take the front line




Hardcore Mode - Elite versions of regular nodes (requires all Starchart nodes to be completed)

  • higher levels for each planet
  • more enemies per mission
  • more heavy/Eximus variant enemies per mission

Void-Damned Mode - Operator-only versions of elite nodes (requires all Hardcore Starchart nodes to be completed)

If you complete all three of these Starcharts (regular, elite, operator only), you will be rewarded with:

  • exclusive skins for every Warframe now and in the future
  • a decent amount of platinum (non-tradable)
  • a Liset Omega Skin to showcase your prowess and bravery
  • your own profile icon both in-game and on the forums, and
  • your very own chat, exclusive to those who beat all three Starcharts




  • Allow setting enemy level without MR restriction
  • Ability to simulate a specific tileset room
  • Ability to set certain Sortie conditions

Extractor Upgrades

  • An Upgrade Segment for Extractors would not only allow you to place one more extractor, but would also allow you to set up a “schedule” for your Extractor, to denote which planets it will automatically be deployed into when it is done Extracting





These changes were meant to simplify damage modified hit-points, while also expanding on the critical and status aspects of damage output.

Health is simplified to three basic types, each with their own weaknesses:

  • Fleshy (Infested units, Grineer and Corpus without shields/armor, bosses, Warframe health)
  • Metallic (Armor on Grineer units, armor on bosses, Corpus/Grineer robots, Warframe armor)
  • Shields (Corpus units, bosses, Warframe shields) 

Each hitpoint type is vulnerable to one Physical damage type, one primary Elemental damage type, and one secondary Elemental damage type, while resisting 25% damage from one physical

  • Flesh is vulnerable to Heat, Gas, and Slash but resistant to Impact
  • Metal is vulnerable to Toxin, Corrosive, and Puncture but resistant to Slash
  • Shield is vulnerable to Cold, Magnetic, and Impact but resistant to Puncture

Tertiary Elemental Statuses (not damage)

These status aliments allow for much more variety in gameplay aside from the elemental statuses we've known for years now. 

The plan is, instead of mod builds automatically fusing elemental mods from top to bottom, left to right, you would be able to choose which elements fuse together. 



  • Blast + Toxin = Contagion (A DoT proc that grants an aura to enemy inflicted, enemies that enter the aura will receive the DoT proc and aura with 75% effectiveness)
  • Blast + Electricity = EMP (An AoE proc that shuts down robots and strips armor off of enemies)
  • Corrosive + Heat = Volcanic (Enemies that die with this effect on melt into a 3m pool of lava that deals constant Heat damage to enemies stepping in it)
  • Corrosive + Cold = Rust (Guns become jammed, and melee weapons deal -50% damage)
  • Gas + Electricity = Hallucinogen (Decreases accuracy of enemy fire)
  • Gas + Cold = Biohazard (Enemies affected will take less damage from weapons, but more damage from Warframe abilities)
  • Magnetic + Heat = Flare (affected enemies become blinded)
  • Magnetic + Toxin = Berserk (toxins affect the mind of enemies, causing them to go into blind rage, deal +50% damage but take +50% damage as well)
  • Radiation + Cold = Plasma (energy color highlights weak spots on enemy’s body)
  • Radiation + Toxin = Meltdown (DoT that increases the less health the enemy has)
  • Viral + Heat = Mutation (increases drop chances but also increases armor)
  • Viral + Electricity = Sonic (affected enemies stagger and become deafened)

Evolving Statuses

Concerning physical damage, primary elemental damage, and secondary elemental damage, the more of the same statuses become inflicted onto an enemy, the stronger they get. The effects "stack" (up to three times), allowing for more useful, general crowd-control effects.



  1. Stagger

  2. Concussion - longer stagger, chance of dropping weapons

  3. Prone - opened up to finishers




  1. Decrease damage

  2. Rupture - singular tick of True Damage, as if bullet went straight through armor

  3. Perforate - holes in weapon and armor decrease damage and fire rate of enemies




  1. Bleed

  2. Lacerate -  cut huge portions off of armor/shields, reducing them by 10%

  3. Disfigure - loss of blood causes dizziness, slowing enemies down




  1. Panic and Burning DoT

  2. Swelter - intense heat causes enemies to slow down

  3. Scorch - excruciating heat melts armor and bullets, making it easier to harm enemies




  1. Slowdown

  2. Frostbite - ice shards form on weapons, causing DoT

  3. Freeze - frozen state




  1. Stun/Chain lightning

  2. Galvanized - enemy becomes a Tesla Coil, procing Lightning AoE at random periods of time

  3. Electrocuted - enemy is surrounded by lightning, staying stunned while bolts of lightning create Tesla Coils around them




  1. Poison DoT

  2. Contaminate - enemies affected stagger in pain as DoT increases

  3. Intoxicate - cell death slowly kills enemies in the form of True Damage DoT






  1. Knockdown

  2. Explosion - knockdown radius increases, armor/shields falls off as they explode into bits

  3. Detonation - enemy affected with this proc explodes after a short bit of time, dealing X? of their health in True Damage




  1. Decrease armor

  2. Erosion - corrosive slowly tears away at the opponent's shields, if they don’t have any, it will tear away at their ammo

  3. Abrasion - completely strips armor/shields off of enemy




  1. Cloud that carries toxic damage

  2. Cloud lingers around enemy’s head, dealing Toxin damage to it and anyone it comes in contact with

  3. Nerve gas has 50% chance of causing paralysis in opponent, stopping them from moving




  1. Decrease shields

  2. Lodestone - enemy generates Bullet Attractor bubble around themselves

  3. Charged - opponent is assigned with a pole (+ or -); enemies with opposing poles forcefully attract to each other and deal damage, enemies with same poles repel away from each other 




  1. Friendly fire

  2. Radiolysis - breakdown of brain cells causes enemies to deal more damage to each other than to Tenno

  3. Irradiation - radiation poisoning affects enemies in various ways, such as blindness, deafness, disarming, being prone to finishers, etc




  1. Reduces health

  2. Bacterial - patches form on enemies, shooting at them causes them to pop and inflict Viral procs to surrounding enemies

  3. Terminal - cellular disintegration causes unconsciousness in enemies, causing them to fall asleep 


Criticals x Combo Counter


Critical damage isn't going to be obsoleted by these status chances!

First things first, combo counter now has a timer next to energy bar showing how long the player has to hit another enemy before the combo goes away (also, Affinity bar changed from white to something more akin to the Affinity orb color)

[Total critical damage = Modded critical damage + number of combo multiplier]

So a melee weapon with a 3.3x crit damage multiplier with a 2x combo multiplier will be able to hit 5.5x crit damage!


Gun Combo Counter

Primaries and secondaries get a combo counter as well! You build the counter based on your bullet accuracy. The more bullets you hit with in a row, the more your counter builds! (Kinda like some of the pre-existing sniper rifles, but now universal)



Switching from melee to guns pauses the respective combo counter and resumes it when you switch back, so that there's no idle resetting!




Stealth will be a hidden separate gamemode, in all nodes, for players looking to bring the “ninja” out of the “space ninja”.

Once you perform a stealth kill, the game will switch from normal gameplay to Stealth

Here are a few key differences:

  • The more stealth kills you make, the higher your affinity and finisher damage go up, capping at a 500% bonus for “assisted” stealth (stealth utilizing abilities like Invisibility, Smoke Screen, Ivara’s Sleep Arrow, etc), and capping at 700% for stealth with no ability assistance
  • Stealth kills allow you to innately view enemies on your mini-map, in the same fashion as Ivara’s passive. The more stealth kills you perform, the further the range
  • At three stealth kills:
    • the game will reward you by allowing you to view the cones of “vision” that each enemy has
    • the game will allow you to perform finishers on enemies while on a zipline, hanging off of a wall, or midair (but be careful, if your finisher is the line-of-sight of another enemy, you risk being spotted)
    • You will receive an audiovisual cue if you’re in an enemy’s line-of-sight


New gear will be implemented to help players for stealth:

  • You get to use your own Credits to throw on the ground as a distraction, can be used to separate groups of enemies to take them out one by one
  • Amnesiac Smoke Grenade can be used to make enemies drop to an idle alert level
  • Cloaking Smoke Grenade can be used to turn invisible for a few seconds, but enemies may be able to detect a “void ripple” in your cloak if you remain too close to them
  • Holographic Costume will turn your Warframe’s appearance into the last enemy they killed, allowing you to walk by enemies of the same faction without raising suspicion, but the Costume only works for 30 seconds and has a 10 second cooldown
  • Decomposing Technocytes, when used, can destroy the enemy’s corpse quickly, no matter which weapon is utilized

Enemy ESP (extrasensory perception) will also be changed, so that if enemies detect you at Point A, then you cloak and move to Point B, unless you make noise or are actively seen moving to Point B, then the enemies won’t know where you ended up going

If you manage to complete an entire mission without being spotted or triggering alarms, you’ll receive a Stealth Bonus, which includes double the credits, and an extra Mod reward at the end of your mission.



Instead of a Universal Sortie of three, Sorties are now planetary, with missions differing for each planet.

Each planet now has a respective Field Boss, who leads the Sortie conflicts per planet.

  • For Mercury, it’s Mutalist Dr. Tengus. Having fused himself with the Infested, he plans on turning Mercury’s landscape into a second Eris.
  • For Venus, it’s a Lynx codenamed O.M.E.G.A. It is controlled by a rogue AI who wants to overtake Venus and full it with proxies.
  • For Earth, it's the Assassin Sisters, Sprag and Ven'kra Tel, who are looking to establish a matriarchy on the entire planet by enlisting more and more female Grineer.
  • For Mars, it’s an old, unnamed Sand Specter from Inaros’ tomb, looking to bury the Grineer settlements in a massive sandstorm and start anew
  • For Phobos, it’s a merchant from Mars looking to benefit from the endless war between Grineer and Corpus
  • For Ceres, it’s Vrogak Dreg, an Elite Prosecutor looking to recruit soldiers into his battalion 
  • For Jupiter, it’s the Indiculyst, an extension of the Ropalolyst that adapts to both damage and strategy. 
  • For Europa, it’s a biped proxy named Yedi, who uses weather control technology to create snowstorms and camouflage itself
  • For Saturn, it’s The Wolf. He and his fugitives rain chaos on the planet and tear apart anyone who stands in their way
  • For Uranus, it’s a special enemy called the Douse, the opposite of a Scorch, utilizing high-pressure water torrents instead of fire
  • For Neptune, it's John Prodman, protecting his profits as he finds brokers for the Index
  • For Pluto, it’s a Corpus Tech who utilizes an army of Ospreys, and wishes to replace regular Crewmen with his robots
  • For Sedna, it’s a Nightwatch assassin trained in stealth
  • For Eris, it’s the Mutalist Juggernaut, a Juggernaut combined with Corpus tech to make it even deadlier
  • For Lua, it's a rogue Security Eye looking to eliminate any who desecrates the ruins of the Orokin Moon.
  • The Void, the Kuva Fortress, and the Derelict have no field bosses

Like a normal Field Boss, it has a chance of entering a mission in its respective planet.

Daily, a specific node is being targeted by the Field Boss of that planet for invasion, and you would have to complete your usual three high-level variant missions to hinder their progress.

Here's the catch:

  • Randomly, each boss on each planet is given Priority based on how long it takes them to complete their invasion
    • For example, like the Ghouls on Cetus where you have a 100% meter and you need to bring it down to 0% by killing Ghouls in order to stop their invasion until next time
    • The higher the Priority of a boss is, the less time it will take for them to invade before you have to bring their meter down to 0%
    • Low Priority take the full 24 hours, Medium Priority is 12 hours, High Priority is 6 hours, and Immediate Priority is 3 hours
  • If the Tenno fail at stopping the Field Boss before the timer, the target node will become Compromised, and Tenno will need to work to get it back

Compromised Nodes will have a modifier depending on the boss who is compromising it

  • On Earth, a CN would be full of high-leveled female Frontier Grineer (Scorpions, Heavy Gunners, Ballistas, Hyeeka Masters), with more Eximus than an average node
  • On Pluto, all of the Crewmen would be replaced with flying Ospreys

After 24 hours in a Compromised state, the Node will become equipped with five missions as opposed to three, which can be played through to get the node back.

  • Each mission consists of varying difficulty, rewards, and modifiers, with the final mission consisting of a boss battle with the field bosses
  • Going straight to the bosses is possible and yields more rewards, but is much more difficult if you haven't dealt with the previous four missions first
  • The four missions provide a modifier that affects the main boss battle
    • at a 0% Restoration rate, the boss battle has 4 stacking sortie modifiers, along with the Compromised modifier
  • At a certain Restoration percentage, modifiers inflicted onto the boss battle by other missions will disappear (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%) until only the Compromised modifier remains

Bosses technically (canonically) cannot be killed, but will instead flee if their health has been lowered a significant amount

When a Node has been Restored, it is unable to be Compromised by the same boss twice for another 5 days

Bosses drop new weapon blueprints and parts, new cosmetics like ephemeras or helmets, hell, maybe even new Warframe parts and blueprints

Once a month, Field Bosses of differing factions attack nodes from each other's planets, creating special Crossfire missions called Invasions with boss modifiers and a high chance of either field boss to spawn in and say hi

You can choose which Field Boss you'd like to support, depending on what rewards they give you (Forest-Camo/Shock-Camo weapon skins, Fieldron/Detonites, etc)

After choosing, you can run missions for the Boss on the planet they're trying to invade, like capturing VIPs from the other faction, intercepting their messages, etc.

For each mission you do, your chances of getting encountered in other missions by the opposing Field Boss gets higher and higher, and only dissipates when the Invasion ends

Here's another catch:

  • You're allowed to betray your current Field Boss affiliation by gaining the other's trust by doing missions for them instead
  • However, to avoid spreading the news to your current Field Boss, you'll need to do each of the missions stealthily
  • The more enemies realizing your betrayal, the quicker the opposing Field Boss will find out and spawn into your missions, with increased speed and damage
  • If you die to the field boss, they won't grant you their reward and they won't allow you to work for them anyone (until the current Invasion ends), and you'll be stuck with the other boss
  • If you successfully complete all missions without them finding out, you will be paid extra for your efforts, which gives players an incentive to play stealthily in order to reap rewards from both sides



Passive State / Active State

What’s the point of adding so many peaceful non-fighting activities such as fishing, mining, or conservating when they’re constantly interrupted by enemies?

Passive State occurs when the game realizes you aren’t actively engaging in usual shoot-and-loot gameplay

  • Less enemies spawn, and further away
  • Enemies that do spawn have a less likely chance of interrupting your activities
  • Ghouls/Thumpers spawn less likely in the PoE
  • Lotus asks you to perform less Intrusions

Active State occurs upon accepting a Bounty/Intrusion, killing a specific number of troops in a certain amount of time, or prolonging your stay in a Grineer or Corpus base of operations

Side Quests / “Open World Alerts”

Every day, a few of the regulars from Cetus or Fortuna will task you with a side job to do alongside your normal Open World activity. 

“Swazdo-lah, Tenno! I know you’re busy protecting the Unum, but… I have a job I think you’ll be interested in.” Image result for warframe cetus icon

“Howzit, Outworlder! Got your ears on? Old mate of mine told me you’d like to do some work for us. Don’t worry, you’ll get some compensation on the side.”Image result for warframe fortuna icon


Side quest objectives can vary from collecting 10 fish, to killing a certain number of a specific enemy, to defending a prized artifact, and can go even as far as being one-part bounties.

Rewards would include debt-bonds, credits, and resources from the open worlds, with more complicated quests rewarding you with Toroids, Wisps, among other things. All quests provide Standing for their respective open world hub.

More Vendors

I made a previous concept stating that some of the people that look like merchants in Cetus but aren’t interactable could have a use. I’m sure the same applies for Fortuna but I haven’t seen the people there enough to know what they could do.

  • The cook mixing with the soup pot would provide the Tenno with edible consumables akin to RPG potions/food. Higher levels with Cetus equate to food that gives better buffs. Works similarly to Nakak where its a direct trade of resources rather than standing
  • The merchant with the dyes would provide Tenno with various colors for their clan (more pigments than usually offered by enemies) in exchange for standing. They also sell paintings of the Plains for Landing Craft decoration. High rankings can also allow the Tenno to make their own custom color palette. 

These are just two of many examples.

Fast Travel

By liberating a camp on the Plains or capturing a base on the Vallis, you can unlock the ability to teleport from one captured base to another. This removes the constant need of Archwings as a travel mechanic.

Taming Animals

An alternative to hunting and conserving, you can use gear items provided by Master Teasonai or the Business in order to attempt to tame the creature and use them in combat as a companion.

  • Just like in conserving, you’d find the echo spot, and use the Lure to call the creature in.
  • However, instead of tranquilizing the fauna, you can equip the gear Teasonai or Biz provided to you, and WAIT for the animal to approach you
  • Depending on the potency of the gear (let’s assume it’s food), there’s either a 33%, 50%, or 75% chance of you successfully taming the creature
  • You can only tame a creature if you have an available Stasis Slot, but Stasis Slots can now be provided by Teasonai and Biz in exchange for Standing
  • After taming the creature and giving it a slot, you can interact with it and give it Stabilizers for health
  • Each animal has its own abilities and precepts, with rarer variants of the animal granting bonus stats, like more health or stronger attacks
  • Once you rank a tamed animal to 30, you can go over to Biz or Teasonai to “gild” it (or in this case, clean it, give it a collar, Forma it, and provide it with a name)

Mining Rework

Akin to how only some fish can be found at certain times and at specific places, the OWs could be split up to give ores and gems this type of treatment. For example:



  • Ore: Pyrol
  • Gem: Devar


  • Ore: Ferrite
  • Gem: Crimzian


  • Ore: Coprun
  • Gem: Veridos


  • Ore: Auron
  • Gem: Azurite

Left Half: Nyth // Right Half: Sentirum

Also, a perfect mine will result in a 20% of getting the alloy version of an ore, or the polished version of a gem.

Day/Night Equilibrium

Night on the Plains / Warm on the Vallis are when all of the good stuff start to show up, so it would make sense for players to have less of a chance to get it, but over time, a shorter cycle starts to get tedious.

  • Plains: 100 day minutes and 50 night minutes -> 120 day and 120 night
    • 240 minute cycle, 6 total cycles a day
    • 2 hours of day and night is still more manageable than the 4 hour cycles of regular Earth missions
    • Passive State would disallow Vomvalysts from pursuing you
    • Special Side Quests can be made that are exclusive to the nighttime
  • Vallis: 20 cold minutes and 6.67 warm minutes -> 20 cold and 10 warm
    • 30 minute cycle, 48 total cycles a day
    • Not much difference but just enough that there’s more of a window for opportunity 

World-Building Immersion

The game should reward a player, who has stepped out into the Plains or the Vallis for the first time, for their curiosity and exploration. The advanced map, when first stepping into the OWs would be empty, with no names over the points of interest.

When a player enters a place they haven’t before, they will be rewarded with standing, a bit of information about the place, and a little flair.


You get the idea.

Mission Builder / Bulletin Board

At max rank with either Open World hub, and at a certain Mastery Rank, you can create your own bounties with names, descriptions, and objectives with bonuses and rewards. 

You can even create your own loot-tables by expending credits and/or loot from your own inventory to share with the squads who do the best job with your mission (determined by time spent doing it, all bonuses achieved, etc.)

The leaders of the respective hubs, Eudico and Konzu, will have bulletin boards listing all of the available missions built by Tenno, for Tenno. If you and a squad thinks you have what it takes to reap the rewards in record time, then have at it!

Hijacking More Vehicles

Grand theft dargyns are a good start to a potentially amazing alternative to traveling across the open worlds.


  • Plains of Eidolon
    • Tusk Firbolgs: bigger, heavier airships, they are unarmed but can carry an entire 4-player squadron. Only one of the players can pilot it at a time. Empty Firbolgs can be randomly found on certain Grineer bases
    • Tusk Bolkors and Ogmas: even more health than the Firbolgs, and armed as well! You can only get one of these if you manage to incapacitate one that was summoned by a Seeker Drone. One player pilots while the others get to either shoot the cannons or fire carpet bombs
    • Tusk Thumpers: when you incapacitate a Thumper, you can either get your resources and let it die, a la Bursa, or you can hack it, reboot it, and ride it along the planes. It can man three Tenno, and like a Warframe, it has abilities of its own, including its Super Jump, its Charge, its Cannons, and its Underbelly Groundpounder
  • Orb Vallis
    • Coildrives: Coildrives can be hijacked just like Dargyns, and are a very fast ground-variant vehicle. Can fit a maximum of two players and comes with a cannon. A non-piloting player can also lean out of the coildrive to drive-by shoot Corpus
    • Condor Dropships: In a similar manner to Firbolgs, a Dropship can be either found or incapacitated, then riden by the entire squad. Unlike Firbolgs, these come armed with Senta Turrets





Operator Affinity


As the Operator spends more time on the battlefield, they will gain more experience on how things work and, as a result, learn more abilities that they are capable of. 


The more enemies an Operator kills, whether it be with their Beam, their Amp, or their School abilities, the more affinity they will gain. Upon reaching different levels, they will unlock new skills. 

Because Operator leveling works a bit differently than regular leveling, Operator Affinity is independent of the sharing done with Warframes, Amps, and weapons, meaning that all the affinity gained by the Operator is the Operator's alone. 

However, due to this independence, Warframe affinity is not shared with Operators. The only affinity shared with Operators is the affinity gained by other Operators in your Tenno Affinity Range. That way, you can't have an Operator sit around and do nothing while 3 other Warframes share Hydron XP with them. 

An Operator must kill (10*Current Level) enemies in order to ascend to another level. An Operator reaches a maximum at Level 50. Every 5 levels (except 50), they unlock a new ability. 


Level 5 - Void Haste

While sprinting, press LMB and RMB (L2/R2||LT/RT) at the same time. The Operator will channel Void energy through their veins, increasing adrenaline levels. Speed increases by +100% and drains 2 energy per second.

  • Madurai: Blazing Charge - All enemies touched while in Haste will be dealt 1000 Void damage.
  • Zenurik: Galvanized Sprint - Haste leaves behind a trail of Void energy that replenishes 25 energy to any ally who touches it.
  • Naramon: Sharp Hurtle - Adds +10% melee attack speed for as long as the Operator was in Haste.
  • Vazarin: Purifying Run - All allies touched while in Haste will have all status effects removed. 
  • Unairu: Advancement - Damage is decreased by 25% while in Haste.


Level 10 - Void Leap

While making Haste, press Jump (Space||X||A). If the Operator is facing forward, they will propel Void energy in their legs, and leap a great distance. If they are facing up, they will propel themselves upward, allowing the Operator to reach new heights. 

  • Madurai: Relentless Bound -  The initial jump will cause an explosion of Fire damage around the Operator. 
  • Zenurik: Dynamic Spring - The initial jump will create chain lightning for all the enemies surrounding the Operator.
  • Naramon: Focused Jump - The Operator stays in the air for twice as long, allowing them to analyze the battlefield.
  • Vazarin: Vitalizing Leap  - Landing next to allies restores 150 health to them. 
  • Unairu: Weakening Clear - All enemies caught in the initial jump and the landing will have their armor stripped by 50%.


Level 15 - Void Shockwave

While gliding in the air with Void Mode/Release or after Void Jump, press the melee button (E||O||B) while aiming at the ground. The Operator will teleport to where the reticle was and punch the ground with a Void-saturated fist, consuming 15 energy and knocking all enemies in a 15-meter radius down and away. (For Reference, a default Operator's Void Dash costs 25 energy, Void Blast 20.)

  • Madurai: Smoldering Wave - The shockwave increases Amp strength by +15% for 10 seconds for every enemy hit by the Shockwave.
  • Zenurik: Invigorating Pulse - All allies (Warframes and Operators) caught in the shockwave will be granted 20 energy. 
  • Naramon: Epicenter - Enemies hit will be visible on the minimap for 10-20 seconds, time depending on how close to the center of the wave the enemies were.
  • Vazarin: Void Mend - Allies hit will be granted 200 shields, overshields included.
  • Unairu: Reinforce - Allies hit will be granted additional 250 armor for 15 seconds.


Level 20 - Void Release

Pressing the Jump button three times will cause the Operator to cross the fold and nullify the effects of gravity on their body, allowing for levitation and flight. Drains 2 energy per second.

- No Focus augmentations, general maneuver.


Level 25 - Void Movement

Your Operator is halfway through their journey to mastery. At this checkpoint, your Operator gains a stamina bar underneath their Amp ammo bar. With it, they are now capable of the same movements of their Warframes, as long as their stamina is up. Let's say the total stamina of your Operator is 100:

  • Sprinting and sliding cost no stamina.
  • Double Jumping, Rolling, Divekicking and Edge Grabbing cost 5 stamina.
  • Wall Running and Jumping costs 10 stamina per "run"/"jump".
  • Wall Latching costs 20 stamina per second.


Bullet Jumping, Aerials (Sidesprings) and Back Handsprings cost 25 stamina each. 

Stamina passively regenerates at a rate of 2 stamina per second, 5 seconds after a Void Movement.



Level 30 - Void Cross

While making Haste, aim at an enemy and Void Dash. The Operator will flash step instantaneously to the targeted enemy, breaking the sound barrier and creating a sonic boom behind the Operator. All enemies caught in the sonic boom will be dealt 500 Void damage and get deafened. The enemy targeted is opened up to finishers.

  • Madurai: Bursting Rush - All enemies caught in the boom are set on fire.
  • Zenurik: Shocking Bolt - All enemies caught in the boom are electrified. 
  • Naramon: Fixated Fold - All enemies caught in the boom are locked in place for 15 seconds.
  • Vazarin: Medicinal Dart - All enemies caught in the boom will drop a health orb upon death.
  • Unairu: Ironclad Zip - All enemies caught in the boom will have their armor halved. 


Level 35 - Void Onslaught

The Operator can now perform standing and ground Finishers. By pressing the melee button on a downed or staggered enemy, the Operator will forcefully grab the enemy's face and create a small Void explosion around their palm, dealing lethal damage (standing) or will infuse the Void into their fists and beat the enemy down over and over (ground). 

- No Focus augmentations, general maneuver.


Level 40 - Void Burst

A passive ability. When the Operator gets killed, they will channel the last of their power into a powerful radial burst of energy. All enemies caught in the burst are dealt (200*Remaining Energy) Void damage.

A second burst is also released from the Operator, and depending on the school, enemies caught in this burst will either be dealt double the damage (M), drop energy orbs upon death (Z), slowed down (N), deal a 100-health healing pulse upon death (V), or get petrified (U).


Level 45 - Void Beam

Remember when the only way you could use your Space Child was by having them float in the air and shoot a giant laser out of their chest? Now you can do that physically! While in Operator mode, holding 5 (R1/RT--L1/LT) allows the Operator to cup their hands, and create a Beam with the same effects of pre-TWW Focus.


Level 50 - Zenith

Why use the Void as a tool when you can BECOME the Void? Upon retrieving a Convergence Orb as an Operator, the Space Child will become one with the Void, and be granted the following buffs for as long as the Orb lasts:

  • Amps have unlimited ammunition and double the fire rate.
  • The Operator has unlimited energy and stamina -- powers and maneuvers cost nothing!
  • Sprinting is twice as fast (imagine how fast Haste is now!)

Thanks for reading! Here is a list of miscellaneous changes that I otherwise forgot to mention.

  • You have access to a trading history so that you can see who you traded with, where, when, what you traded, and what you said during the trade
  • Operators can be given personalities, affecting voicelines (kinda like MOA precepts, you know its a problem when literal ROBOTS have more personality than your in-game character)
  • Tranq Rifles, on headshots, can be used to put enemies to sleep
  • Health and Shields scale much more than armor does in higher levels, making them more bullet sponges rather than killable plates of metal
  • Marketplace bundles explain the retail price of the items in the bundle and why it’s worth buying
  • more in-game tutorials like the interactive "Advanced Movement" one but with shooting, melee, hacking, etc.
  • In Creator Mode, Operators appear as bright lights
  • Emotes that involve your pets, unlocked upon taming or breeding one
  • Utilizing Kuva for a Sortie “token” system, Kuva in exchange for rivens and other rewards


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Sir or madam who wrote this, you're a bloody mucking legend. I'm not even sure what to say, other than that this is probably one of the largest, most well-thought-out concepts on the Forums. I especially like what you did with Operators.

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The changes to the operators are quite good. The Arsenal changes would be welcomed as well. But the gun combo couter is a terrible idea , non hit can weapons would suffer from enemies dying before your shot reaches them, full auto weapons also suffer from you overfiring( not noticing the enemy has died and keep firing). I don't like your changes to status , status have more than 30 diferent effects , this is to much stuff for the player to know.

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I am a little iffy about several of the suggestions. I agree with @keikogi that 30 different status effects may be overkill in terms of complexity, and the things with crit and whatnot - innate blood rush is power creep, plain and simple.

I'm also not too fond of the stealth rework idea. I just got done writing a post (on a thread locked before I could post it, irritatingly) about how just injecting a Metal Gear stealth system doesn't work, as it doesn't gel gameplay-wise. Not that the changes you specifically suggest are bad, more that they don't really match Warframes trend towards flow-focused gameplay to stop, chuck a gadget and wait. In a fast, freeform action game like this, stealth too should be fast and freeform, being as much a variant on power fantasy rather than trying to achieve a proper stealth fantasy. I'd recommend comparing the Noir dimension of Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions to the Stealth segments of Metal Gear Rising: Revengence - or even just Spy from TF2. I do like getting rid of enemy ESP though.

Sortie/invasion change is something I'm not opposed to, just questioning why it needs to replace the existing systems. There's very little severely wrong with the current Sortie and invasion systems, and the new system just seems like it works on its own to add flavour to planets and things to do in the starchart after you've reached a certain point. Currently, Sorties and Invasions offer another thing to do around the world, and adding a 'story' to each planet only adds to that. Though, recontextualising Sorties so they're associated with the field bosses instead of is perfectly reasonable. Don't fix what ain't broken.

I'm a bit apprehensive about the suggested mod changes, due mostly to possible power creep concerns and possible loss of innate trade-offs in base stats vs power. The suggestion is not necessarily something I think is bad, just an issue that's a lot more complex than turning some mods into innate traits. Damage rework kind of falls into the same field - it's just something that really can't afford to be messed up. There's a number of other things like that - elements that I feel it's a bit above the pay grade of a forum thread to really address, and are definitely more the realm of Steve or other people who've spent a lot longer than any of us can thinking about Warframe and balancing.

Vaulted relics are vaulted to help keep up an active trading community - having them be farmable compromises that. There's also the fact that it'd be butting in on a big revenue stream for DE in unvaultings. A bad idea for a reward, overall, though the overall concept of vaults in the regular void is good.


However, don't mistake my negative thoughts for disliking this as a whole - I really do like a lot of these ideas!


Open world revamp sounds excellent! With the exception of mission builder (I know I said I was done being negative, but player-generated content in this game is a bit of a rabbit hole), everything about it would add a much-needed level of life to the worlds. Hijacking vehicles is also pretty fitting with Railjack's suggested changes too. Hell, even the 'area-based mining' is somewhat in the game - there's a particular area of the Orb Vallis that has a very high chance of dropping Hesperon for some reason. I'd honestly suggest further refining these suggestions, having individual minerals be more or less likely based on their location and landmarks in the environment - Orokin Ruins, coolant/water, even enemy bases with the pollution or junk affecting the mineral composition of the area. Plus, the base take-over mechanic would be far better if it actually was a safe zone/teleport point.

I'm not going to say no to more enemy variety and better AI. I'm not sure how effective it would be considering the aforementioned balancing concerns, but should the tendency towards gameplay-erasing powers get rectified, this would add a great deal to making the factions distinct gameplay-wise.

Ordis digital assistant is an idea that's just, well, great. I just want to give my support of that, honestly.


Operator rework I generally speaking, adore. Aside from three small-ish points, I think it's great. Before I sing my praises, I'd like to get those out of the way.

First, I don't like the idea of giving Operators Warframe movement copy-paste, specifically the bullet-jump (especially since the input is taken by void cross). Given that you've already suggested several other movement abilities including a giant leap, I'd be happier with just the wall running/jumping, the existing powers and some kind of Vanquish-esque power slide that grants them even greater speed, but reduced control and constant stamina drain. Second, I don't like Zenith being RNG-dependent for activation - couldn't some other system that allows for greater control be implemented. Since Operator XP isn't being used by that point, maybe a syndicate-proc style build up, with a manual release on 4 or something? Just to make it less dependent on a pick-up that's often quite inconvenient to access. Lastly, I think a toggle would fit haste better than a hold, just for convenience/muscle-strain reasons.

Ok, that done - I love it. The nitpick aside, giving operators a distinct but still fast movement system is honestly what they need most right now (aside from maybe a way to deal with armour). A dedicated 'super speed' mode, flight and their own brand of parkour fits in nicely. The fact that they're all associated with their powers, not their physical prowess also fits into the lore and grants them a different aesthetic too, and I really want this to happen after they inevitably get over their 'power loss' in the Duviri Paradox. I can genuinely see people playing with and enjoying Operators if they became void-wielding master warriors in their own right. Plus - I want the magic wings of Transcendence (the real name of the void beam) back! Maybe also as the visual design of Zenith too, to fit in with it the 'overwhelming power mode' of the Operator.


Whilst I don't like the field boss system replacing Sorties and Invasions, as an independent system, it's a great idea. It fits nicely in with Nightwave to bring back the 'spontaneity' of the world that alerts offered (but didn't really pay for). I'm not fully sold on all the lore (In particular, I'd prefer the Wolfpack to be shown as a kind of 'rival' to the Tenno, not necessarily causing chaos, more being paid mercenaries of their own), but that's something that can be tweaked. As a whole, the system adds an air that each planet of the system isn't just a PNG on the starchart, but a place that has its own strifes, worries and conditions. It could also work really well as planet-specific modifiers for Railjack missions, but we'd have to see how that pans out first.

Augment rework, whilst the 'arcane' element might be pushing the envelope of balance, is overall a really good thing. It just adds more depth and variety to Warframe builds. There's really not much else to say on that - it just adds more customisation.


Tl;Dr This isn't perfect, but it's still damn good.

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6 minutes ago, Loza03 said:


I highly appreciate the criticisms. Yeah, I'm aware that most of the changes I listed might be a bit too beneficial for Warframes, and I was especially hesitant on customizable Rivens. Unfortunately, I'm not as enthralled in math as I'd like to be, otherwise I would've conceptualized a way that enemies can match if not exceed our own power scaling. Ah well, maybe another day. 

Thanks for reading through! 

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I can probably take or leave most everything on the list.

This, however, I'm hesitant about.


"VIPs have little health, can’t carry weapons, and will walk from their spawn point to their extraction point"

"If hit, the VIP enters a bleedout state of 20 seconds, which decreases by 4 seconds for every other time it's revived and incapacitated again (minimum of 4 seconds)"

If hit, little health? So a single stray bullet is likely to down them? Just do a health gauge that adjusts to the mission difficulty and do away with the decreasing bleedout timer. If they're paper thin, and we pretty much face down hordes of enemies, the VIP is gonna get hit, quite a bit.

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There is a lot here that I absolutely adore. A lot of time and exploration clearly went into these concepts, with many being absolutely brilliant and simple fixes to common problems, and others truly inspired developments upon our current content. My thoughts on the list, section by section:



Every single suggestion in this section I wholly agree with. In particular, choosing which Syndicate to align independently of sigils worn I think would be a tremendous quality-of-life improvement. My one additional suggestion would be to let the player set customization templates across warframes: I personally tend to use the same color scheme, attachments, syandana, animations, etc. across frames, and while it's easy to make a weapon copy a frame's look, it's currently not easy to copy looks across frames, and I'm not sure the Look Link will address that either. Expanding upon that to let us copy-paste a look across frames could help in this respect.



While I'd say the 20% build speed increase may not go so well with DE's use of foundry timers, I completely agree with the rest of the suggestions. I don't see why we're not allowed to queue items even now, and the batch options we have are inadequate for many of the items we use. With this, even without cutting Forma timers in half, their building process would be streamlined significantly. I also really like the suggestion to hide blueprints as desired, as currently my foundry build screen is always cluttered with mining recipes that I have no use for right now.



I think this idea is brilliant; turning Ordis into Warframe's Siri would both give us a much better guide and make us more attached to him. I'd perhaps make him a chat option (e.g. @Ordis), rather than yet another option in an already crowded menu, especially since we technically already have a chatbot with the same function, but besides that the function itself is something I'd love to see, and would try out just to hear more of Ordis.



All of the options proposed would be helpful and simple to implement. I particularly like the suggestions for Trade Chat, as currently the space is full of noise that's difficult to sort out, and while I ultimately believe we need a proper in-game marketplace, and not just a chat room, this would be a great way to bring some tangible improvements in the meantime with minimal effort.



I have some reservations concerning the proposals for Riven mods, as the system is currently this incredibly frustrating roulette, but also kind of needs to be because we all want the same stats for practically any given Riven. Making the system less RNG-dependent would ease frustration, but then also cause Rivens to power creep the game even more reliably, especially since with the proposed changes there'd be a much more reliable path towards crafting a god Riven for our weapon of choice.

As for the other mod suggestions, I'd be very much in favor of getting rid of mandatory mods, whether it be by nerfing them, eliminating them, or grafting them directly onto our frames and weapons. There's perhaps something to be said about current lack of modding diversity and the shallowness of status and crit builds, but these proposals at least would go a long way towards addressing many of the current mods we equip automatically without any real choice. 



Agreed fully on the suggestions here as well. I don't think it would be that big a deal for higher-level relics to offer fully-built Forma, and I'd like to see the Void and Derelics updated to grant relics, as well as for the Void to also have Dragon Key vaults.



I wouldn't consider a sixth level strictly necessary, but I would absolutely love to have more higher-tier rewards, including better specter/companion options, and more cosmetics. Having a Syndicate companion one could actually talk to would be excellent, as it'd help flesh out each of the factions far more, and give us more than a single memorable character from each.



I very much agree with the intent of making stealth feature more in our missions. While I perhaps wouldn't go about it with an instant mission failure upon failing stealth, I'd definitely like detection to have greater consequences, e.g. irreversible alarms, more and tougher enemies with alarms on, and so on. I'm not the biggest fan of Whitelist, on the other hand, as escort missions tend to suck in any game, including Warframe (Defection is one of the most unpopular mission types already).



Yes to smarter and more diverse enemies. The formation proposals are sound, and most of the new units look excellent, particularly buff units like the Practitioner, Promoter, and Protector MOA. I also love the idea of the Creeper unit, and I think there's a ton of untapped potential for Infested units that meld with the scenery.



I would very much like to be able to scale the level of challenge in the Star Chart better, if only for myself, and the idea of enforcing Operator-only missions with their own rewards I think sounds excellent. If nothing else, it'd be a good stress test of our Operator Form and how viable/enjoyable they are on their own.



The Simulacrum changes all look excellent, and I'm surprised the MR restrictions exist in the first place. I don't care much for Extractors, but being able to schedule which resources to extract at which time sounds like a perfectly fine QoL buff.



This is perhaps one of the portions of the list I agree the least with. The health type simplification I can very much get behind with, but a whole class of tertiary elements sounds a bit much. While I like the idea of making status stack and progress more organically, all the different effects listed feel like a fair amount of information overload, especially if the ultimate intent would be to reach just one of those states. I would also want fewer, not more combo counters, as I think their implementation tends to break the flow of gameplay (you don't really want to start out slower or weaker just to ramp up to good damage over time in most fast-paced fights).



There is much to this that I like a lot. I completely agree that stealth should be more rewarding, that enemy detection needs to be updated so that enemy factions don't all operate like an omniscient hive mind, and that we could do with some better stealth tools. On the flipside, I think increasing finisher damage would be redundant (you either have the finisher damage to stealth kill someone and start the stealth reward chain, or you don't), and I wouldn't want to discourage the player from using abilities when running stealth (if an ability trivializes stealth, then the problem lies with the ability itself, which should be fixed). I also feel adding stealth awareness buffs when stealth-killing has a good intent behind it, but may not necessarily be the most ideal implementation (what if you want the bonuses right away? What if you don't want them at all and just happened to kill a few people stealthily?), and more broadly I think Warframe should try to give us a way of navigating stealthily without making us rely on mechanics like cones of vision and whatnot, which function a lot better in more static stealth games that are all about pattern memorization. 



I really like the overall proposal to rework sorties and invasions, and I'd very much like our missions to be character- and motivation-driven, rather than just a random string of nodes tied together. I would very much like our actions to have an impact on our environment, and having this dynamic system of conflict, choices and consequences I think would make for a far more engaging mission structure overall, for both newer and veteran players.



Besides the fast-travel option, yes to absolutely all of this. I'd love to tame animals and have more world-building in the open levels, and being able to go about one's non-violent activities without being aggressively hounded by the enemy would be a welcome change. Having more control over where to go to farm certain resources would also be fantastic, as currently the Plains mining resources are basically the exact same resource split into many different forms.

Regarding fast travel specifically, I'm opposed to it for a couple of reasons: in general, instant fast travel tends to make worlds feel much shallower, because at that point you're just teleporting from point to point without experiencing the vastness or interconnectedness of the world, or the events that may occur in-between. Moreover, I think it's okay to rely on vehicles to travel faster, as that is their purpose and they offer gameplay of their own, though I'd rather K-Drives be our fast-travel option and Archwing our 3D movement/combat option, with adjustments made to both.



I absolutely love many of the features proposed here. Allowing our Operator to become more maneuverable and independent would finally allow the mode to become viable on its own, which I've wanted since The War Within. I'd say many of these features I'd like to have as a baseline on Operators, namely the ability to maneuver like warframes, but otherwise allowing our Operator to mature and become a warrior in their own right is something I very much want. The Duviri Paradox looks like it might deliver on some of that, and hopefully it'll deliver in a way suggested in the thread OP.

Congratulations again on writing all of this! I have to say, I personally tend to have a really reductionist approach to changes and fixes, which puts me at odds with a few specifics (e.g. tertiary elemental status), but so much of what is suggested is so good and simple it's a wonder it's not in the game already. In particular, all of the proposed changes to the Arsenal would take out a huge portion of our day-to-day clunk, as would the adjustments to chat and the Foundry. This thread deserves to be read by many more people and DE themselves, as even if they do not integrate the entire list wholesale, if they were to at least apply the simple fixes proposed here, Warframe would take a giant leap in improved quality of life.

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Love most of the ideas, but Invasions seems like quite a lot of work. Don't get me wrong, I like the concept, but I don't think it would be implemented, because it would take too much time to develop.

Same goes for damage - I think, 'streamlining' must be the key word. We already have a lot of unnecessary complicated systems that don't work together, because people tend just to build their weapons one way, instead of experimenting with effects. Though variety of statuses might be good, it's just too much information to take in for the new players and, in the end, I don't think that it should be this way. Warframe should be more accessible. 

Stealth must be encouraged, but the Warframe is so far from the 'space ninjas' concept that I think it won't work in the current enviroment. Again, I love the idea, I just think that mandatory stealth that gives a lot more rewards, than just mindless massacre of everyone, would feel like an instant turn-off for a lot of players, that just casually play Warframe from time to time.

The thing is - it feels like vets don't really matter and there is no point in making rewards for clearing every gameplay mode there is. Call me salty, but I really think that developers don't really care about old-time players and try to concentrate on new things to bring in new players instead of improving overall QoL. I'd love to be wrong and I would bless the day, when your suggestions will be implemented, but let's be realistic here - there is a reason why we still can't make queue in the foundry. And it's to make some people rush the crafting. For you-know-what-resource.

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